3 Types of Light Exercises Seniors Should Try

June 13, 2022

Back in the old days, you used to open the TV, and those 80’s fitness programs would pop out.

You would get so excited on early Sunday mornings. Since it was the only time when you would relax and chill before the children woke up.

Fast forward to 2021, you’re now 65, and those fitness programs are a thing of the past. Those tight pants and large elaborate hairdos no longer grace your screen.

Instead, your grandchildren show you TikTok videos of trainers teaching their routines.

But those routines are so complex and are meant for teenagers and young adults.

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Aren’t there exercises that are more suitable for seniors who have a hard time moving their bodies?

Well, you’re in luck! Because here are a few examples of simple exercise routines to get you moving!

Water Aerobics

If you feel a bit of pain in your joints from time to time, then you’re not alone.

Many elders tend to suffer from arthritis and other forms of joint pain that can become bothersome.

And sometimes the pain can be too much, too bare to even think about exercising.

Fortunately, those with joint pain can consider water aerobics to lessen their pain, improve their strength, flexibility, and balance. 


Water is denser and can make you float. Hence you’ll feel less pressure on your kneecaps and elbows when you move them.

On the contrary, when you go up the stairs or when you lift weights, you exert more pressure on your knees and elbows which will cause you more pain than pleasure.

Additionally, if you know your bones can endure a more challenging routine and your body is in shape, you can opt for aqua biking.

Chair Yoga

This type of yoga is best suited for seniors looking for low-impact exercises.

Chair yoga consists of the head, neck, arm, and even light leg movements while comfortably sitting on a chair.

Regular movements will make the elder more alert and be present in what they’re doing during the yoga routine.

Different movements can be made to make the routine harder and keep the mind fresh and lively. Also, new neural networks in your brain can be formed when you switch from arm movement to head then to the leg, thereby preventing memory-related problems.

If you’re on the hunt for a care home because you’ve grown tired of keeping yourself company, there’s an assisted living facility that can give you the social interaction you crave and the peace of mind you desire.

Resistance Band Workouts

When going out seems like dread, or you feel anxious to go to the gym, there’s a good alternative to try at home, buying resistance bands.

These bands are stretchy strips of rubber that reduce the stress on your body by adding resistance. They are also effortless to use, which makes them an excellent choice for beginners.

Moreover, using resistance bands doesn’t require you to visit the gym or use expensive equipment. That’s why more seniors prefer to stay at home and get some exercise done using resistance bands because of their economic advantage.

Ultimately, these exercises are great for strengthening your core muscles, which improve posture, mobility, and balance.

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