3 Popular Activities For Americans In 2022

November 29, 2022

America is known the world over as “land of the free and home of the brave.”

Its fifty states encompass a diverse range of environments: from the sunshine state of California to the wild frozen terrain of Alaska, very few other countries have such a mix of different climates and landscapes.

American culture is recognized all over the planet. The country is credited with giving birth to the fast-food industry and sights such as the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore are instantly recognizable to the world’s population.

This article seeks to explore some of the key popular activities that many Americans like to indulge in.

Domestic travel

Although America has a population of over 335 million people, it is an incredible fact that only 37% of Americans hold a valid passport. This statistic gives the impression that Americans do not like to travel; however, that is completely misleading. Many Americans enjoy domestic travel, and with a vast country to explore they have an immense range of choice in what to look for in a domestic vacation.

Road trips are exceedingly popular with Americans of all ages, and it can be a family tradition to load up the car and embark on a journey that crosses several states, whilst taking in a range of famous landmarks and sites of outstanding natural beauty. One of the most famous roads in all of America is Route 66, which stretches across Kansas, Texas, and other states before terminating in Los Angeles. This iconic road has become synonymous with the thrill of the open road and a spirit of adventure. Today it is still incredibly popular with both Americans and tourists who want to enjoy a truly authentic American road trip.

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Online trading

It is estimated that over half the population of American adults hold stocks and shares in some form. For many Americans this is a way to save for the future and build a retirement nest egg. Few countries have the same number of private investors as America, and it is a popular pursuit for millions of the country’s inhabitants.

Today in 2022, many American investors are looking to invest in the cryptocurrency markets and are starting to trade in NFTs—as can be found on sites such as okx.com. These new forms of trading are especially popular with the young, who enjoy the risk that comes with trading in highly volatile assets in the hope of making significant short-term profits.


One of the most popular activities for many Americans regardless of their background is to watch or take part in sports. American football and baseball are two of the most-watched sports in America, with the American Superbowl attracting millions of viewers both domestically and globally—its half-time show has become an event in itself.

Americans enjoy sport throughout their education, and some of the most talented athletes can gain scholarships to colleges and universities based on their performance in certain sports. America is a continuous and strong presence in the world of international athletics and is renowned for producing some of the best runners, swimmers, and gymnasts who perform exceptionally well at international events such as the Olympic Games.

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