3 Pest Birds That Are The Most Destructive To Your Property

March 22, 2021

While many people view birds as a constant of life and never think another thought about them, many people also view them as serious pests. In certain areas of the United States, namely cities, pest birds can be just as bad as other pests are to deal with, as they cause all kinds of damage. When birds begin to take over a property, they need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Continue reading and click here to learn about the three pest birds that are the most destructive to your property.

What Damage Do Birds Cause?

While seemingly harmless, birds are among the most destructive and harmful pest animals in the United States. While there are many birds that cause problems to your property, there are three big ones: pigeons, house sparrows, and woodpeckers. They cause damage to property, buildings, and can even spread serious illnesses and bacteria. Continue reading to take an in-depth dive into what damage each of these birds causes, and visit pestcontrolbird.com to learn how you can get rid of them.


Pigeons are by far the most destructive and costly birds in America. Generally they are a huge problem in large cities, where they have huge populations that cause serious damage. One of the worst ways pigeons damage property is by leaving their droppings everywhere. These droppings are highly corrosive and have the potential to cause serious structural failure over time, potentially resulting in expensive repairs or even death. In addition to the corrosion aspect, pigeons also create fire hazards just as often. They love to build nests and roost in areas that are warm during the winter. This often leads them to HVAC areas and heaters, which sometimes ignites their nest materials. This can cause fires that can lead to expensive repairs and possible harm to humans. Finally, the droppings that pigeons leave everywhere are chock full of all kinds of nasty illnesses and diseases that can potentially kill humans. All in all, these creatures cause serious problems and should be dealt with swiftly.

If you have a serious pigeon problem, be sure to call a wildlife removal specialist like A&D Construction Plus as soon as possible, as oftentimes the problem only gets worse as more birds roost in that area. If you opt for a DIY approach, be sure to buy the proper cage traps that allow you to humanely catch multiple pigeons at once.

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House Sparrows

House sparrows are small, light-colored birds that are commonly found throughout the United States, in both rural and urban areas. Don’t let their small size deceive you, as these birds present a lot of damage to property. These sparrows often build nests around the exteriors of homes and in their chimneys. Once they nest there, their nests oftentimes attract secondary pest insects that can make their way into your home. Their nests also can present fire hazards. Finally, their droppings are just as deadly as pigeons, full of bacteria and diseases that can potentially kill humans.

Getting rid of house sparrows is a hard task, as they can be stubborn little birds that stay put, even with deterrents. Hiring a professional is always a great move, as they likely have years of experience in dealing with pest birds. If you want to do it yourself, be sure to take proper health precautions.


The woodpecker is a widely-recognized pest bird, known for its ability to peck holes in wood materials very quickly and easily as it searches for food. The main problem that woodpeckers cause is their ability to cause damage to all kinds of wooden structures. This can cause pests and other wildlife to make their way into your home and can also cause wood rot and structural damage to your home.

Woodpeckers are hard to get rid of on your own, as they are very persistent birds that are highly adaptable. The best way to get rid of woodpeckers is to have a professional wildlife removal service get rid of these birds, as they have the tools and experience needed to do it quickly.

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