3 Online Hobbies That Can Help You Earn Real Money

December 30, 2020

If you are an average person living in this day and age, you are most likely using the internet one way or the other.

The number of internet users significantly grew from only an average of 413 million users in 2000 to over 3.4 billion people in 2016 alone, with an estimate of at least 640,000 new people experiencing the wonders of the internet for the first time.

You might go online to communicate with your friends, colleagues, and family, to do tasks related to work, to consume entertainment content, to have fun and play games, and many more. When you think about it, it is almost hard to think of something that you cannot do on the internet nowadays. More than these things, you can also earn money online! From earning real money slots at CasinoWhizz to just being online, learn how to make money through the internet in some of the most recommended tips below.

Online betting

You probably know how a casino works and who knows, you probably even have gone to one at one point. Or perhaps, you have experience betting on your favorite sports whenever there is a big game. Did you know that you can now do all of these, and more, online?

There are online casino sites and apps that you can go to and download for you to play the classic casino games that you know and love–from slot machine games to famous card games like poker and blackjack to table games like baccarat, craps, and many more. You can also sign up for an account through one of the many online bookmakers to bet on a wide range of selection of sports.


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Back in the day, one of the stereotypes when it comes to people who are into video games is that they would never get anything out of playing games. A lot of people thought back then that it would only ruin their studies or maybe even their career in life.

However, thanks to the rise of the esports industry, that stereotype is no more. Esports is the competitive playing of video games, which is often associated with a huge amount of prize money for a winning player or team.

Do you want to be the next star player of your favorite game? Try practicing your game and showing off your skills and who knows, you might find yourself playing in the next professional tournament.

Just being on the internet

Yes, you read that right. You can still earn money just by being online. Some certain apps and sites reward you by doing specific activities online such as shopping, taking a survey, downloading and testing an app, and many more.

The rewards you can receive can range from gift cards to certain amounts of cash. This is perfect for people who have some free time to kill or every break or the in-betweens of tasks.

Before you go

The idea of earning money online is a fantastic thought for many. While there are more ways you can do so other than what was mentioned above, the above methods can earn you some money and sometimes, even good money. There are professional gamblers, and high-earning esports players, for example.

However, always remember that these are in no way things recommended to be a substitute for real work or a more stable form of income. What these things are more of a hobby that can be monetized, not the main source of income for most people.

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