2 Harlem Women Entrepreneurs Pay Debt Of 30 Clark University HBCU Students

Two Black women entrepreneurs have impacted the lives of students at their alma mater, Clark University, after they gave back to their school by paying off some debt of 30 final years to enable them to graduate.

Pinky Cole, the founder of plant-based burger restaurant, Slutty Vegan, and Harlem Hops, the creator of Stacey Lee, paid off the debt of 30 students.

According to HBCU Buzz, Harlem, determined to provide assistance to the students, contacted Cole to join forces with her to help the struggling students.

The two came together to alleviate the financial burdens of the students so they too could walk across the graduation stage.

Privy to how the debt crisis continues to affect many students, the women utilized their resources to make a difference in the lives of students of color.

Cole and Lee, connected with the school and asked for a list of seniors who urgently required aid to pay off their debts and 30 students were selected from the list to help.

The duo surprised them on campus and informed them that their outstanding balances have been paid off. The 30 students would now be able to graduate because of the benevolent gesture of Cole and Lee.

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