125th Street BID At The ICSC 2016 NY Deal Making Conference

125th-street-bid-final2The 125th Street BID sent us their new newsletter photographs from the New York National Deal Making Conference that as they said, “was a great opportunity for owners from municipalities, managers to product and service providers to gather under one roof to exhibit, make deals and form successful business partnerships.”

barbar-at-125th-street1Some of the attendees at the event included 125th Street BID President Barbara Askins, board members Scott Auster, Drew Greenwald, of Grid Properties, Steven Feldman, of Sigfeld Properties, Abe Feldman, of Cogswell Realty and Sheila Naysan.

125th-street-at-conference1The 125th Street BID supports local businesses and organizations do great work from west Harlem, north the southern borders of the Bronx and 110th Street at Harlem Meer.

Photo credit: 1) 125th Street BID President and Board Members Scott Auster and Drew Greenwald (Grid Properties). 2) 125th Street BID President and Board Member Steven Feldman (Sigfeld Properties) and Abe Feldman. 3) 125th Street BID President with Cogswell Reality. Sheila Naysan (we apologize for the quality of the images).

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