12 Expert Tips For International Trade Law Essay Success From Harlem And Beyond

December 12, 2023

Essay writing is a skill that every student acquires during their academic career. Are you lacking this skill and failing to compose an international trade law essay?

It can affect the overall performance and result in the deduction of marks. Mastering this craft is crucial, so we will help you deal with ambiguous difficulties in writing essays on international trade law.

Before we dive into the fascinating details, let us take a moment to describe international trade law briefly. Also, find out the emerging market dynamics of legal services.

According to Georgetown Law, international trade law deals with the rules and customs that carry out trade between states. It is a vast subject that includes domestic, international, and treaty-based law to international trade. 

In 2021, USD 901.78 billion was the estimated value of the global legal services market. It will rise to USD 1429.22 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 5.25% from 2022 to 2030, as per the source of Straits Research.

The expanded opportunities for practicing attorneys are forecasted to grow exponentially in both large-scale and small-sized legal firms. This makes it a highly sought-after profession among students.

If you are keen to pursue your studies with utmost dedication, becoming proficient in legal essay writing can assist you. Follow the expert tips below to transform your academic torture into a pleasant pastime.

Acing International Trade Law Essays – A Comprehensive 12 Tips Guide

International trade concerns itself with sales and carriage of goods. Businesses worldwide operate under trade agreements. Contracts of sale are applied for specific types of transactions. It is vital for you to understand that these basics are pertinent to synthesizing legal ideas into convincing arguments in writing essays.

It requires a firm grasp of how law works in practice. Compactness in legal writing is another thing that requires attention. To make it easy for you, we have listed the expert tips to make the process a breeze.

Following these tips can prove beneficial. You can also consider an essay writing service to seek help with an international trade law essay from esteemed writers.   

1.    Find an Engaging Topic

Assigned with the law essay? And you don’t know where to start. Fuel your search and find international trade law essay ideas.  If you are already assigned a topic, that’s good; however, deciding on your own is great. Students should spend enough time identifying the topics that best trigger their interests. Read extensively about legal cases and statutes and set your narratives.

2.    Command over Subject

Don’t rush into the writing process. Grasp the foundational understanding of the subject to know exactly what the essay question asks you. Your international trade law essay must demonstrate a deep comprehension of legal issues with its contemporary flavour. International trade has changed the global economy patterns.

An article titled Legal and Institutional Framework of International Trade discussed the fundamental legal systems of states with flowcharts.

3.    Develop a Writing Plan

Stuck on how to write a law essay? This calls for an immediate plan of writing. Writing essays on international trade law requires ample time and information. Gathering data and international trade law essay examples can be time-consuming. Consulting multiple authentic sources is a must. Give yourself time and create a writing plan. Set reminders and deadlines for each task. Being prepared beforehand comes in handy, and it’s always recommended.

4.    Begin with an Outline

To increase the overall coherence and structure of the international trade law essay, develop an outline to help you focus on communicating your ideas to the examiner. It is of high chance to tailor every argument and requirement in lengthy essays. To avoid this human error, create a draft outline of the essay.

This includes,

  • Numbering your ideas
  • Planning initial overarching structure
  • Set word count
  • Discarding irrelevant ideas

5.    Understand the Essay Questions

Reading with purpose is essential. When you first get the essay question, analyze and evaluate it. The first thing to remember is to ensure the answer to the question. There is no need to hurry to the research phase; take it slow. First, understand the question and its contexts. Find out if there is a specific viewpoint or angle. Look out for terms and re-read the question again and again until you fully comprehend it.

6.    Adopt the Right Structure

Adopting the right structure depends on the nature of the essays. Organizing the essay with subheadings or sections provides coherence in international trade law essays. An attention-grabbing introduction, a body and a conclusion are the basic structure of any legal essay writing. It is important to provide an internal coherent structure in essays.

7.    Embody Argument and Analysis

Writing essays for international trade law students is a process that demands creative thinking skills as well as legal analysis. Displaying your breadth of knowledge and robust rebuttal to support your views is vital in an international trade law essay.

The image below shows the importance of compliance with legal frameworks for business operations. You can incorporate such aspects to explore international trade as a major aspect of the global economy.

8.    Keep No Space for Irrelevant Comments

Regarding writing an international trade law essay, relevance is the key. Don’t use a rambling style of writing. Adding unrelated comments can result in rather vague commentary-style essays. So, connect to the question to compose a high-quality essay.

9.    Manage Clarity & Accuracy

Securing first-class marks mainly depends on the eloquence of your ideas and accuracy in writing. There should be no room for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors while writing essays on international trade law. Fluency of expressions and clarity in ideas can help you create an excellent piece of paper.

10.  First Impression Counts

Packaging your international trade law essays to cast a long-lasting first impression in the eyes of the examiner. A neat and appropriate presentation comes in handy for essays’ appealing and consistent outlook. First glance matters.

11.  Use Advanced Referencing

An important requirement in writing a law essay is good referencing. While writing international trade law essays, every assertion and argument should be backed by authentic sources and relevant authority. Use cases and use plenty of them. It will help you add more ground to your writing.

12.  Set Time for Editing

Editing is the unavoidable phase of academic writing. To polish and fine-tune your essay, carefully read your paper before submitting it. The little improvements while editing help you add value to your essay.


Mastering the art of international trade law essay writing requires unlimited practice in writing and dedication. To embark on this journey successfully, fully grasp the subject knowledge. Showcase your legal writing abilities by presenting arguments and counterarguments.

Following these expert tips can overcome any hurdle across your essay writing journey. These tips will help you stay focused and develop a coherent structure for your essay.

You can also get help from an online essay service whenever you feel stuck with the writing process. The best international trade law writers will make the job convenient for you.

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