119th Street And Seventh Avenue, Harlem, NY, 1905

119th street and 7th avenueA great picture of the cityscape of Victorian brownstone during the mid-day on 119th Street, looking East from Seventh Avenue (renamed Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.,) in central Harlem, New York, 1905.

In the foreground the photograph taken “on the downtown side of the street” documents Harlemites during the turn of the century going back and forth, up and down Seventh Avenue crossing the street, hand in hand. On the north and south corners of the 119th street a couple stands in the middle staring as the photographer stares at them. In the background a number of horse drawn carriages are to the right in front of a sea of brownstones.

The people, the clothes, the means of transportation and shade covered windows have changed but most of Harlem’s incredible architecture remains.

The photograph is from the source by Thaddeus Wilkerson.


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