103rd Street And Broadway, Harlem 1907

August 11, 2015

103rd-street-and-broadway-13Looking northeast from the corner of 103rd Street and Broadway in West Harlem, New York, taken post 1907.

The photograph is not dated, the street is covered in horse manure and there are no horseless carriages present. The wood shingle shops in the background are feed, hay, flour, salt and grain stores. The front of the stores are remnants from a previous century, with a horse-drawn carriage, a number of bales of hay for horses in front of the corner store and a wooden shack further to the right. But the image does reveal its date, the Trolley Car tracks built in 1907 for the Metro-North Railroad as well as the Interborough Rapid Transit and elevated railway lines can be seen on the east side of Broadway running north and south (or left and right). The Interborough Rapid Transit and elevated railway lines, helped Harlem’s economic growth, as they connected Harlem to lower and midtown Manhattan and changed the face of Harlem (Source).

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