10 Food Content Ideas For Publishing On Your YouTube Channel

September 9, 2020

YouTube has certainly emerged as the dark horse in the video marketing domain. With over 5 billion daily video views on the platform, the platform has truly become a force to be reckoned with.

Gone are the days when people read about food ideas or recipes, and now people simply prefer to watch the cooking in action right on YouTube.

If you run a food-centered YouTube channel, you’ll be amazed at the number of options that you have to create content.

If you are looking for ideas regarding how to create a video for your food channel, this post will help you out.

We have curated 10 food content ideas that you can follow and create videos for your YouTube channel. Let’s begin!

10 Food Content Ideas For YouTube

If you have a newly established YouTube channel that needs an assortment of food content, these 10 ideas will surely brighten up your day. Every food-centered channel has a curation of the below-mentioned food video ideas. Here goes the list.

1. Lists of food ideas

Food is one of the most dynamic constituents of the modern lifestyle.

People have diverse taste palates, and what one person may like, the other might hate it. You can push out food listicle videos with various delicacies listed in the video.

You can also create videos tailored around various food ideas with the theme: Top 5 summer shakes that you can easily make at home.

Videos such as this perform very well on YouTube as it urges the viewer to click on the link and watch the video.

2. Cooking tips

Everyone likes a simple hack that can make their cooking journey easier. You can create highly informational videos targeted on specific ingredients that demonstrate their creative use.

Videos like: 5 ways to use black pepper in your spicy recipes can work wonders for your channel and increase your subscriber base instantly.

You can create experimental cooking videos. For this, pick any seasonal fruit or vegetable and use it innovatively in your recipes.

Your viewers will look at you as someone willing to take risks and are more likely to watch your videos.

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3. Recipe videos

Now and then, you may find yourself looking for recipes to prepare a dish at your home. Similarly, your subscribers look for recipe ideas on YouTube, and this opens up a lot of creative horizons for your content.

You can begin by creating recipe videos for most searched cuisines and create a video around them.

This can drastically enhance your organic subscriber growth and also establish your channel as a credible information source that your viewers turn to when they need cooking guidance.

4. Occasion specific recipes

Is Valentine’s Day approaching? Creating a heart-shaped Red Velvet cake and posting on your YouTube cooking channel might be an excellent idea!

Similarly, you can create recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other such occasion that brings the family together.

People like to make these days special, and food is one of the major factors that make these events linger in their minds.

Your channel can bridge this gap by publishing occasion-specific food recipes that also supplement your organic viewer base.

5. Effective cooking techniques

You would be surprised to know how many general cooking mistakes people make while performing everyday cooking.

Opting a proper technique for a task as simple as cutting cabbage in a streamlined fashion can lead to lower food wastage as well as optimal utilization of time.

You can create and post-effective cooking techniques on your channel that educate your viewers in getting acquainted with proper methods that enhance their everyday cooking experience.

If a viewer feels that your channel provides genuine value to them, they are more likely to stick around for more of your videos.

6. Grocery overview videos

People or male bachelors, in general, find it difficult to get recipe ideas by simply looking at the ingredients in the supermarket.

You can start with recipes that can be prepared by using simple kitchen ingredients.

A recipe as simple as French fries prepared using oil, salt, and potatoes may seem like a daunting task to someone entirely unfamiliar with the kitchen resources.

You can create grocery overview videos and demonstrate the various uses of the individual ingredients.

7. Fridge organization ideas

With the increase in the number of basic kitchen ingredients in modern house-holds, refrigerator arrangements have certainly become a mess.

Your video can explain how to properly organize the fridge shelves and what item goes where.

Your videos can also include ideas for recipes that can stay fresh for a long period when stored in a refrigerator and what would be the optimal place to keep them.

You can record and easily edit videos online that demonstrate the refrigerator organization and adds value to your audience’s information base.

8. Taste test videos

Taste test videos are, at best, enjoyable and open doors to valuable collaborations in the same domain.

You can take things up a notch by performing a blind taste test on basic food items such as donuts, soy sauce, curries, etc.

You can collaborate with fellow YouTubers and create a competition video of sorts to ascertain who identifies the most dishes correctly.

These videos are highly enjoyed by audiences, and it is more than possible that they will open up your channel to a broader subscriber base.

9. Daily diet regimes

People are all over the internet looking to adopt healthy diet options.

These videos are in high demand, and cooking channels are actively looking for new video formats to push their content in this domain.

You can cook and record a healthy recipe to publish on YouTube and cater to the viewer’s requirements.

Moreover, you can use an outro maker to conclude your videos with a bonus health fact that your viewers may deem valuable.

10. Local cuisine videos

Food defines us! Every geographical landscape has its own set of delicacies that they swear by.

Travelers, too, take cues from such videos to identify the local cuisines to try out when they reach your home turf.

You can go out in the market and shoot videos that demonstrate the preparation of local cuisines and the expressions of the people around the store who are eating the delicacy.

You can also include a list of the ingredients used in the recipe so that viewers can prepare the dish wherever they are.

So there you go folks. That was our take on food content ideas for your YouTube channel. Hope you found it informative.

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