Walking Holidays: What Do You Need?

Holidays are for fun and leisurely activities, and walking scenic tourist routes or even trekking through sloping terrain can be considered part of them.

Depending on where you’re going, you must adequately prepare for walking holidays. You wouldn’t want to be unprepared for any eventuality because it would ruin your enjoyment of the holiday. Therefore, you must consider different factors to ensure that you bring the right equipment and clothing for maximum safety and enjoyment. 

Here are the essential things you need to pack for a fun-filled walking holiday.

Comfortable footwear

If you’re going on a walking holiday, you must pack the best footwear suitable for the terrain. You have to determine where you’re going, look at the geography and find a suitable pair that’s going to be comfortable for you to walk in for short or long distances. Pack a worn-in pair of boots for mountainous regions, a pair of waterproof sandals for men if you’re going in low-lying areas, or a pair of sneakers if you’re going mostly on concrete pathways and roads.

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Breathable clothing

Whether you’re looking at hiking through the mountain trails or the urban jungle, you need to have layers of breathable clothing that you can remove as the need arises. Choose sweat-wicking fabrics to draw moisture away from your skin and keep you fresh and comfortable at all times. You should also consider UV protection if you’re going to sun-rich environs. 

Don’t forget to choose suitable bottoms for your shirt or layered upper garments. You can wear trousers or shorts depending on the weather, but you should also be wary of the changing weather patterns. Ensure that you have a raincoat or an umbrella handy so you wouldn’t suffer from the elements. 

Proper headgear

It doesn’t matter if you’re a hat or cap person; don’t forget to pack appropriate headgear. Whether you’re trekking higher altitudes or walking down the boulevard, a great piece of equipment to pack is something that can cool your head down and protect you from the sun’s rays.

Hydration bottle

One of the essential things you must have handy is a hydration bottle filled with a soothing beverage. No, we’re not talking about your favorite liquor, but something lighter. Think cold water, fruit juice, or even a sparkling soda. Take a sip if you’re feeling parched so you can regulate your body temperature. 

A day pack

You should also prep a day pack that you can fill with the other necessities when you’re out and about on your trip. Make sure it is a comfortable size so you won’t  have to lug too much during the walk. Keep it secure by putting it across your body so you will also reduce the risk of pickpockets taking advantage of you.

First aid kit

Before you go walking the route, make sure that you have the essential medications for first aid. In addition, ensure you have all your prescriptions, and that they are packed properly.


Taking a walking holiday can be a fun andadventurous way to discover a destination. You can enjoy the sites, but you also have to ensure that you pack enough things to keep the trip enjoyable. 

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