Useful Tips For Lighting A Commercial Building

December 12, 2022

All commercial structures must be aesthetically pleasing and very useful.

Contractors have numerous options for improving the quality of commercial space, but none are more important than the lighting. The owners of a building are responsible for providing appropriate lighting throughout the structure. Inefficient building lighting can be avoided by adhering to a few lighting guidelines. 

Install Business Grade LED Lights 

Light-emitting diode bulbs offer various advantages over traditional incandescent lamps. LEDs have a lifespan of thousands of hours. Making the switch to LEDs means less time spent searching for replacement bulbs. Even better, you can prevent break-ins by leaving your LEDs on all night. You can continue using your existing light fixtures and only change the bulbs. However, looking for LED bulbs from the LED lighting store with the same shapes as your incandescent lamps would be best. Changing the bulb type might alter the beam pattern and cause damage to your lighting.

Construct A Lightscape With Changing Depths

By building up the illumination, clarity will be achieved. Furthermore, it can assist you in displaying and advertising your products in retail outlets. Fixtures with ambient lighting are used in place of natural light. Typical examples of ambient lighting include recessed can lights and troffers. Put powerful bulbs in these sconces to illuminate the entire space. Cash registers and similar high-use locations are better illuminated with dedicated task lighting. Bright but slanted task lights illuminate only the work surface at hand. 

Having fixtures with shades can help you focus the light exactly where it’s needed. Cabinets and other storage areas for valuables can benefit from accent lighting. They can illuminate a product in a way that is pleasing to the eye and makes potential buyers more likely to purchase. Too many decorative lights might be annoying to shoppers.

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Choose A Location For Your Lights

The goal of electric lighting in businesses is to illuminate an area with minimal hardware. You might only need one or two light sources in a storage area. Still, you need to plan out the locations of your fixture installations. One light fixture in the middle of the closet’s ceiling will provide even illumination. It’s essential to consider the range of each light source when planning a multi-fixture installation. It would be best to place your lighting to eliminate shadows or dark spots strategically. 

Likewise, you must evaluate the dimensions of your fittings. A vast chandelier can produce too much light, and it may also contain unnecessary decorative elements. Verify that you can get to your fixtures quickly in the event of a malfunction.

Check Out Some Alternatives For Business Lights

There are a few alternatives to consider when shopping for new fittings. Ceilings benefit from the use of low bay work lights. Diffusers are built to ensure that light is dispersed uniformly throughout a space without causing unwanted shadows. For rooms with higher ceilings, high bay lighting is an option. They are used in a variety of arenas and warehouses. They can shed light into hard to reach areas where other lights have failed. 

Shops that aren’t too big can benefit from troffer lighting. They are designed to conceal themselves within the grid of a dropped ceiling. You can use area lights to provide adequate illumination for your business’s outdoor space. These lights are ideal for driveways and parking lots because they illuminate large areas. Floodlights installed on the walls will light the way to the door or ramp.

Pick Out Some Discreet Colors

Using neutral hues will maintain the productivity of your staff and make things easier to read. In most business establishments, white lighting is the default. There are also mildly yellow and orange-colored bulbs available. Whenever a light bulb is turned on, it emits a wavelength of electromagnetic radiation, quantified by a value known as the bulb’s color temperature. Lower temperatures result in a redder glow. Light becomes bluer as temperatures rise. Choose a color temperature that falls somewhere in the middle. 

There are times and places when different colored bulbs might be appropriate. Outdoor commercial LED lighting fixtures are a great way to spread the word about your enterprise. Company names can be spelled out in red or orange light bulbs.

Adjust The Lights To Just The Right Level

Workers and customers will have trouble seeing if the lighting is inadequate. If you have overly bright lights, your employees will experience eye strain. Take a check at the lumens for the lamps you buy. Lighting needs to be several tens of lumens per square foot for a business. You may require more lumens if your staff work with little materials like nails.


Though aesthetically pleasing, large light fixtures take up valuable floor space and may cast an uneven glow. Contractors should install smaller light fixtures to disperse the light throughout the room properly. If the owners of a business building want a small pendant light, the builders can install tiny pendants. However, even natural light could be as helpful to light up the commercial building.

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