Turkey: A Unique Travel Destination That Has It All

February 28, 2024

Wondering where to go this year for your vacation? We’ve got you covered.

For an exceptional experience, we recommend Turkey as your travel destination. You may have heard about the country associated with delicious foods, such as the sweetest baklava or the mouthwatering kebab, but there’s more to it.

Turkey is one of the most remarkable countries in the world, where Oriental and European history blend in a beautiful mix of cultures and characteristics. Of course, Turkish cuisine is the first to come to one’s mind because it has one of the most delicious foods in the world. But the country also has fantastic views, nature, and the most luxurious cities, where you’ll have a memorable shopping experience. You should also visit mosques whose architectural features are out of this world.

Here’s what to visit if you plan to travel to Turkey.

The Hagia Sophia Mosque

The Hagia Sophia Mosque is one of the few remaining buildings that lasted since the Byzantine Empire, but also the most important. The building is located in Istanbul, the biggest city of Turkey, and is a top attraction in the country.

Upon entering the mosque, you must be mindful of your outfit, so choose to wear clothes covering your arms and legs. At the same time, women need to wear a headscarf over their hair, which you can also get for free at the mosque.

You’ll find someone from the mosque who will give you a tour of the building and explain its history. There are many spectacular things to see inside, including the Virgin Mary Mosaic, the 

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Omphalion and the Weeping Column.

Before traveling here, you may need a Turkey visa to enter the country. Depending on where you’re coming from, there are different requirements and documents to provide, so make sure you get that done early on.


If you’ve seen a lot of photos of people near immense balloons, know that this place is located in Turkey, in the valleys of Cappadocia. The cliff ridges and hills offer one of the best panoramas in the country, and you can go there for a good hike or to have a ride in a hot-air balloon.

From above the ground, you can see unique landscapes of rock-cut churches and Byzantine architecture from the time Christianity embodied the place. The ride on the hot-air balloon will be made at sunrise, so you can fully enjoy the sun’s rays beautifully falling on the clips of Cappadocia.

Of course, there are many other available activities between the valleys. You can go horse riding, go to the Uchisar castle, or visit the open-air museum of Goreme. Regardless, you won’t be disappointed by what the village has to offer in terms of landscapes. Just be sure to plan your vacation with a few months in advance because the location is highly demanded, so check for travel documentation at www.visagov.com.

Topkapı Palace

If you’re curious about how sultans led their lives during the Ottoman Empire, then you need to take a look at the Topkapı Palace in Istanbul. The building consisted of numerous rooms, some of which were Harem apartments, where Sultans had their wives or concubines. These rooms are decorated with spectacular designs, comprising periods between the 16th and 19th centuries.

What’s the most impressive is the Imperial Council building, where you can see the Imperial Treasury, composed of a collection of weapons and other objects, with an area that has a unique display of miniature paintings. Remember also to visit the public garden of the Royal Court.

The palace is now a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its historical importance and cultural beauty, so it’s quite an essential spot in Turkey. The museum is visited yearly by about three million people, making it one of the most famous places in the world.


If you’re looking for a place to chill and take a break from the daily struggles, you need to stay in the old town of Antalya, Turkey’s liveliest Mediterranean hub. The city is surrounded by two beautiful beaches, so you can sunbathe and even swim in one of the most beautiful Turkish cities.

You’ll walk along the cobblestone alleyways and get to explore Ottoman-era mansions along the sidewalks. While being there, it’s necessary to enter the Antalya Museum, which has an impressive collection of artifacts from the Hellenistic and Roman times. The city is also filled with Greco-Roman ruins and statues, so regardless of where you turn, there will be a piece of history all around.

Mount Nemrut

The perfect place for hiking and sightseeing is Mount Nemrut. The area is surrounded by mammoth statues that guarded the funerary mound, but some are ruins now. The site is considered the most peculiar in Turkey because the giant heads of forgotten gods might seem intimidating at first glance.

The site was built by Antiochus I for himself as a note of its significance in history. Statues are some of the most impressive in the country, and they are the image of the King, along with lions and eagle sculptures. There are also depictions of Greek, Armenian and Medes gods, which were the most important during those times.

If you want to visit Mount Nemrut, remember that you’ll get the best view during sunrise or sunset because the sun falls on the sculptures, creating a unique effect. It would be best to reach the site by car from wherever you are, but if you are around the closest village, there are buses that will get you there, along with guides that most likely speak English.

Final considerations

What are your thoughts on Turkey? The recommendations above are only a small portion of the country’s rich history, so if you want to learn more about it, the internet is at your service. We assure you that Turkey has one of the most beautiful buildings and delicious cuisines in the world, and it’s quite affordable to get around there, so consider traveling to Turkey for your next holiday.

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