The HWM Salon Series

We’ve crafted a monthly salon series of events with our partners, subscribers, and others that align with each month’s theme from our Editorial Calendar for the magazine.

Salon events have a rich history dating back to 17th-century France, where gatherings hosted by influential women like Madame de Rambouillet fostered literary and intellectual discussions. This tradition evolved globally, notably during the Harlem Renaissance, with figures like A’Lelia Walker and Zora Neale Hurston hosting salons that became pivotal for Black cultural expression and artistic innovation. Today, salon events continue to serve as vital forums for fostering creativity, dialogue, and community engagement across diverse cultural landscapes.

These curated events were hosted by HWM Editors and partners first when the magazine began in 2003. The goal of HWM Salon is the same “bring the magazine to life.”

Salon Host wrote a Salon event is. “to gather people, to cook for them, to create an experience within your community that is unique and generous of heart….”

They were and still are today designed to engage our audience, celebrate Harlem’s culture, and promote the content featured in our magazine.

The Salon Series (monthly)

January: “Harlemites of the Year”

  • Theme: Recognizing and honoring Harlem of Fame Harlemites
  • Activities: Awards Ceremony for Harlemites of the Year, with an intimate Panel Discussion with Featured Individuals and a Showcase of Local Achievements
  • Venue: Iconic Harlem venue or community space partner.

February: “Harlem History”

  • Theme: Exploring the rich historic Harlem Wine to Harlem Week
  • Activities: Historical Tour of Harlem’s Landmarks, Wine Tasting featuring Harlem-based establishments, and paired with a conversation about History in Harlem
  • Venue: Historical sites and local wine bars partner.

March: “Women’s History Celebration

  • Theme: Immersing in Harlem’s Jazz History & Heritage
  • Activities: Live Jazz Performances and Jam Sessions, Jazz History Talks and Film Screenings, and Jazz-inspired Cocktails and Food Pairings
  • Venue: Jazz clubs and cultural partners.

May: “Nightlife & Family Fun”

  • Theme: Exploring Harlem’s vibrant Nightlife & Family Fun
  • Activities: Nightlife Showcase with Live Music and Dance, Family Arts and Crafts Workshops, and wonderful Food Tasting from Harlem’s Nightlife Hotspots
  • Venue: Nightclubs and family-friendly spaces partner.

June: “Black Music Month & Wellness”

  • Theme: Promoting Wellness through Music & Fitness
  • Activities: Mini-Wellness Expo with Fitness Classes, Health Talks, with Music Performances Celebrating Black Music Month, Cooking Demos, and talks.
  • Venue: Fitness centers and outdoor spaces partner.

July: “Literary & Culinary Delights”

  • Theme: Highlighting Harlem’s Literary & Culinary delights scene
  • Activities: Harlem Writers Guild featuring local authors and publishers, hands-on Culinary Demonstrations and Tastings, Author Readings and Book Signings
  • Venue: Bookstores and restaurants partners.

August: “Leaders, Legends & Trailblazers”

  • Theme: Conversations with Harlem’s Leaders, Legends & Trailblazers
  • Activities: Symposium with leadership talks from Technology, to Fashion, showcasing Harlem designers and Technology pros working and living in Harlem
  • Venue: Event spaces and tech hubs partner.

September: “Arts, Culture & Fashion Week”

  • Theme: Celebrating Harlem’s Arts, Culture & Fashion Week Talk
  • Activities: Art Exhibitions featuring Harlem artists, mini-Fashion Week Shows and Pop-up Shops, and Health and Fitness Activities promoting wellness
  • Venue: Galleries, fashion venues, and outdoor spaces partner.

October: “Harlem Fashion Week & Wellness”

  • Theme: Showcasing Harlem’s fashion and raising health awareness
  • Activities: Fashion Week Events highlighting Harlem designers, Health and Wellness Roundtable and Screenings, and a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
  • Venue: Fashion venues and health centers partner.

November: “Restaurant & Bars”

  • Theme: Exploring Harlem’s culinary scene
  • Activities: Talks with Top Harlem Chefs and Mixologists and Restaurant Tours & Tastings with Cocktail Workshops tastings
  • Venue: Restaurants and bars partner

December: “Harlem Holiday Festivities”

  • Theme: Celebrating Harlem’s holiday traditions and community spirit
  • Activities: Mini-Holiday Market featuring Harlem artisans and vendors, intimate Tree Lighting Ceremony and Holiday Performances and HWM Cares/HYPE Charity Events and Kwanzaa celebration
  • Venue: Community center featured partner.

Event Promotion and Logistics

  • Promotion: We utilize the magazine’s digital platform and social media channels to promote each event.
  • Collaborations: We partner with Harlem businesses, organizations, and artists to enhance the event experience.
  • Ticketing: We offer online ticket sales and registrations for each event.
  • Community Engagement: We encourage reader participation and community involvement through contests, giveaways, and interactive elements.

By implementing this monthly salon series, our goal is to create a dynamic and immersive experience. We want to strengthen community connections and promote Harlem’s rich culture throughout the year.

If you have any questions or would like to sponsor us and/or host a salon contact us.