Starbucks’ Red Cups Stir Up Controversy In Harlem

Starbucks-Red-CupsWith a number of Starbucks in Harlem, apparently, ’tis the season for Starbucks purists to venti their heated opinions over the annual holiday #RedCup design.

Every November, Starbucks debuts a new holiday-themed cup, which for many hardcore customers is the official kickoff to the Christmas season. This year, the designers perhaps took a cue from hair salons, opting for an ombr√© scheme. The color deepens from a “bright poppy color on top that shades into a darker cranberry below,” the company announced.

Tres chic, no?

No. Many Starbucks customers are seeing red over the minimalist cups, mourning the absence of snowflakes, ice skates, and other holiday regalia featured in years past.

Some conservative Christians are even convinced the Seattle coffee giant is attempting to erase Christmas,

So far, Starbucks hasn’t addressed the haters. Mostly, its official Twitter account has been responding to people who are delighted over the red cup’s return and those disappointed that their local store isn’t yet offering them.

But even if some folks are now snubbing Starbucks, it might be tough to hold out through the new year. When the anti-red cup brigade finds themselves in dire need of caffeinated sustenance to endure holiday-shopping madness, Starbucks’ siren song may be impossible to resist, boring design and all.

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