Sponsored Love: Top 10 Words That Students Often Misspelled In Their Essays

September 26, 2023

Spelling matters, especially in essays where every word counts. A small spelling error can make a big impact, casting a shadow over the entire academic work.

This problem has become so prevalent that ScamFighter, led by John Milovich, decided to address it. We aim to highlight commonly misspelled words that students frequently get wrong in their essays to educate and assist in making the academic industry more effective.

Importance of Correct Spelling

Correct spelling is crucial for producing readable and credible academic papers. Your words are the building blocks of your argument; if they’re misspelled, they weaken the entire structure. Think about it: misspelled words can result in points lost during grading and adversely affect your academic performance.

To underestimate the value of spelling is to risk falling into the pitfalls of common misspelled words. It has serious repercussions that can affect more than just grades; it can also impede comprehension and leave a less-than-stellar impression on your readers.

Top 10 Misspelled Words

John Milovich has been analyzing essays for quite some time, and his expertise has helped him identify recurring mistakes. Here’s a roundup of the top 10 commonly misspelled words he encounters most frequently.

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1.    Definitely

One word that people struggle with is “definitely.” Common mistakes include “definately” and “defiantly,” which are far from correct. If you want to avoid becoming part of the most commonly misspelled words list, remember this: the root word is “finite.” So, think of it as “de-finite-ly.” You can commonly find this word in essays discussing certainties or affirmations.

2.    Separate

Another word that trips people up is “separate.” The common mistake here is spelling it “seperate.” A simple trick to spell it correctly is remembering that “a rat” is in “separate.” It can be part of the most misspelled words you’ll encounter, but with this tip, you can avoid the mistake.

3.    Receive

The word “receive” is often mistakenly spelled as “recieve.” This common error lands it on our list of commonly mispelled words. Remember the “i before e, except after c” rule to avoid this mistake. Placing the ‘e’ before the ‘i’ violates this rule, and in terms of academic writing, it can also be construed as a minor form of plagiarism for not adhering to standard spelling.

4.    Necessary

Many students get tangled up with “necessary,” often spelling it as “neccessary” or “nessesary.” This mistake makes it one of the most frequently misspelled words in essays. To spell it correctly, think of it this way: one “c” as in “one coffee” and two “s’s” as in “two sugars.” This advice should help students avoid this common pitfall in their academic essays.

5.    Mischievous

The word “mischievous” often falls victim to extra syllables, becoming “mischevious” or “mischievious.” Correct spelling is crucial if you’re aiming for a high-quality essay, especially if you’re seeking the best essay review services. The easiest way to remember the correct spelling is to note that the word ends in “ous,” not “ious.” It has one ‘i,’ one ‘e,’ and ends with ‘ous.’

6.    Accommodate

People often stumble over the word “accommodate,” misspelling it as “acommodate” or “accomodate.” To remember the correct spelling, remember that it’s generous enough to accommodate two ‘c’s and two ‘m’s. Spelling errors like these could bring down the quality of your essay, and that’s something Scamfighter.net aims to help students avoid.

7.    Occurred

“Occurred” is frequently misspelled as “occured,” with just one ‘r.’ To get it right, remember that the event didn’t just “occur,” it “occurred,” with double ‘r’s. Such seemingly minor mistakes can compromise the quality of your work, and that’s what ScamFighter aims to prevent. Paying attention to these details can significantly elevate the quality of your academic essays.

8.    Maintenance

One of the words people often get wrong is “maintenance,” with misspellings like “maintainance” or “maintnance.” To achieve a well-written essay, focus on the correct spelling. The root word here is “maintain,” but note that the ending switches to “ance.” The ScamFighter website highlights the importance of spelling as one of the key elements in a strong essay. Remember, the words you write matter, especially if you’re looking to get a review of a platform like EssayZone.

9.    Whether

The word “whether” is often misspelled as “wether” or confused with “weather.” “Whether” is used to introduce alternatives, while “weather” pertains to climate conditions. Knowing the distinction is not just good for spelling; it also improves your overall language skills. John Milovich emphasizes that such simple errors can detract from the overall quality of your essay, so always be vigilant with your spelling.

10.  Recommend

A word many people tend to get wrong is “recommend,” often spelled as “recommend” with an extra ‘c.’ Keep in mind that the word has one ‘c’ and two ‘m’s. Correcting this spelling is essential if you’re working on an essay, a personal statement, or a UCAS application. Each detail, down to the last letter, reflects the effort and care you’ve put into your writing.

Useful Tools & Techniques for Improving Spelling

Several tools and techniques can come in handy to polish your spelling skills. These are not just for fixing mistakes but also for enhancing your overall statement and writing quality. They can be particularly useful for academic study, ensuring your work is top-notch. Here’s what you need:

  1. Spell checkers and grammar software.
  2. Mnemonic devices.
  3. Peer review processes.

These resources are invaluable for those looking to improve their writing. Whether you’re drafting an academic essay or preparing a personal statement, they offer various ways to study and refine your language skills.


Can spelling errors impact my essay grade significantly?

Yes, spelling errors can impact your essay grade to varying degrees, depending on the grading criteria. While content and argument structure are often prioritized, consistent spelling mistakes can detract from your essay’s credibility and readability.

How often should I review my essay for spelling errors?

Multiple reviews are advisable for catching spelling errors effectively. It’s good practice to proofread after each major edit and conduct a final review solely on spelling and grammar.

Are some misspellings more acceptable than others?

While no misspelling is ideal, errors in less commonly used or specialized terminology may be more forgivable than basic words. However, any spelling mistake can impact the professionalism and readability of your essay.

What role do contractions play in spelling errors?

Contractions like “it’s” vs. “its” or “they’re” vs. “their” vs. “there” can be sources of spelling errors. These errors can be particularly problematic as spell checkers may not catch them and can also change the meaning of a sentence.

Are these misspelled words commonly confused with homophones?

Some of the commonly misspelled words are indeed confused with their homophones. For example, “whether” is often misspelled as “weather,” both of which sound similar. Such errors affect spelling and can alter the meaning of a sentence, making it crucial to pay extra attention to the use of homophones in essays.

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