Sponsored Love: Best Product Manager Certifications You Should Take In 2023  

October 3, 2023

Maintaining a competitive edge and being updated are essential for project management success.

Whether your goal is to advance in your profession or become a product manager, certifications may provide the expertise and legitimacy required to succeed in this fast-paced industry. In this blog we’ll look at the top product management certifications to think about in 2023. If you’re interested in learning How To Become a Product Manager or are seeking a comprehensive Product Management Course, keep reading to learn about the qualifications that may help you in reaching your career goals. 

Table of contents 

  • Why Get Certified as a Product Manager? 
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) 
  • Certified Product Manager (CPM) 
  • Pragmatic Institute Certifications 
  • Certified Innovation Leader (CIL) 
  • Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner (ACP-PMPO) 
  • Pragmatic Marketing Certifications 
  • Certified Digital Product Manager 
  • How to Pick the Appropriate Certification   
  • Recap 

Why Get Certified as a Product Manager? 

Let’s first explore the reasons why earning a product management certification is a worthwhile endeavor before moving on to the particular certifications: 

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  1. In the corporate world, product management degrees from reputable universities are respected and recognized. By confirming your skills and knowledge, they enhance your professional reputation. 
  2. Certification classes provide in-depth training on product management principles, procedures, and best practices. They provide you the resources you need to be successful in your role. 
  3. When hiring or elevating individuals to product management positions, many companies prefer or need trained product managers. Possibilities for career advancement might arise with a certification. 
  4. The world of product management is always evolving. The latest innovations and industry insights are often included in certification courses to help you stay current and relevant in your profession. 

Now let’s look at some of the best qualifications that product managers should consider obtaining in 2023: 

Product Owner for Scrum Certified (CSPO) 

Scrum Alliance is a certifying organization. 

Product managers who work in Agile environments will find the CSPO certification to be very beneficial. It provides you with the tools to manage product backlogs, prioritize features, collaborate with Agile development teams, and concentrate on the Scrum process. This certification is very helpful if you work in software product management. 

Certified Product Manager (CPM)  

Accrediting Organisation: Association for International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM) 

For product managers, the CPM certification is a worldwide recognized certificate. Market research, product strategy, and lifecycle management are only a few of the many areas of product management that it covers. Obtaining the CPM credential is proof of your dedication to the highest standards of product management.  

Pragmatic Institute Certifications  

Organisation Certifying: Pragmatic Institute  

The Pragmatic Certified Product Manager (PCPM) and Pragmatic Certified Product Marketing Manager (PCM) are two of the qualifications that the Pragmatic Institute provides. These well-known certificates emphasize useful abilities for product managers and marketers. Product roadmaps, pricing strategies, and market validation are some topics they discuss.  

Certified Innovation Leader (CIL)  

Product Development and Management Association (PDMA) is the certifying body.  

The CIL certification is intended for product managers who want to improve their capacity for creativity and leadership. It highlights the value of innovation in product management and gives you the resources you need to promote innovation in your company.  

Agile Certified Product Manager and Product Owner (ACP-PMPO)  

Approving Organisation: Agile Alliance  

In Agile contexts, this certification is a dual-track credential for product managers and owners. It addresses release scheduling, user stories, Agile teams’ teamwork, and Agile concepts. This is a highly recommended option if you are engaged in Agile product management.  

Pragmatic Marketing Certifications  

Organising Organisation: Pragmatic Marketing  

Like Pragmatic Institute, Pragmatic Marketing provides product managers and marketers with certificates. These certificates assist you in developing a comprehensive grasp of the product development lifecycle by covering best marketing and product management practices.  

Certified Digital Product Manager  

Body Approving: 280 Group  

Product managers who work on digital goods and services are intended for the Certified Digital Product Manager credential. It addresses digital product planning, agile product management, and user experience (UX) design. This accreditation is very useful for those interested in digital product management.  

How to Pick the Appropriate Certification  

The industry, your professional objectives, and your particular areas of interest within product management will all influence which product manager certification you should choose. Here are some pointers to assist you in selecting the best option:  

  1. Think about the talents you wish to develop or improve and your professional goals. Certain certificates could be more in line with your objectives than others.  
  2. Examine the course material and syllabus of the certification course. Ensure the topics it covers are the ones related to product management that interest you most.  
  3. Select certificates that are renowned and well-known in the fields you want to work in or your business.  
  4. Certain credentials could be more appropriate for a novice product manager, while others would be better suited for an experienced worker. Select the option that best suits your expertise level.  

In a recap  

Investing in a product manager certification is a wise move for your career. It shows your dedication to greatness in this fast-paced sector while improving your knowledge and abilities. A product management certification may offer you the advantage to thrive in 2023 and beyond, regardless of where you are in your career progression or how you first started your quest to become a product manager. Examine your alternatives, choose the certification that best suits your needs, and start along a career development and advancement route. 

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