Overcoming Boredom: 4 Simple Ideas To Try

September 21, 2023


It may surprise you, but temporary boredom is actually good for you.

Scientists define boredom as a “productive state in which the human brain is actively looking for new creative solutions”. 

The problem is that modern people rely on the wrong methods for overcoming boredom: they scroll through social media and binge-watch Netflix instead of doing things that allow them to reach a transformative level of boredom. Do you want to get the most out of the moments when you have nothing to do? Here are five ideas for you.

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Write a List

Writing lists is a fun way to overcome boredom. This method allows you to focus on good and important things and come up with some great ideas. The next time you feel bored, take a piece of paper and a pen or open a note app on your phone and make a list of something that is currently on your mind. Here are a few ideas of the lists you can work on:

  • Places you want to visit
  • Christmas gift ideas
  • Reasons why you love your partner (later, you can gift this list to your partner – it will be a nice, romantic present).
  • Things you need to repair or renovate in your house
  • Clothes and accessories you should buy this season, plus prices to make a budget
  • Names of people you would like to invite for your wedding
  • Creative ideas for your work projects

Listwriting is a great exercise for organizing thoughts and structuring your ideas. It allows you to create more mental space and make your brain work more effectively.

Sign Up on a Dating App

Single people suffer from boredom more often than those in relationships. So, if you are a single person, think about finding someone to build a relationship with.

The easiest way to take the first step in this direction is to use a popular dating app. Here is a quick guide for you:

  • Visit Hily.com and download the dating app
  • Create your profile and start browsing the app
  • Swipe right on every user that you find attractive
  • Invite someone you like on a date and check whether you are a perfect match.

Basically, dating apps benefit you in two ways. They allow you to beat temporary boredom at the present moment while also giving you a chance to find someone who can help you overcome chronic boredom in the future.

Tweak Your Routine

You follow your routine day by day and repeat the same actions again and again. It’s not a surprise that, at some point, it makes you bored. So, what can you do to add some novelty to your life? You need to make some little adjustments to your routine to make the everyday chores feel different.

Let’s say your morning routine looks like this: you wake up at 6:30 a.m., brew your coffee, and take your dog for a walk. Here is an example of what your updated routine can look like: you wake up at 6:20 a.m. to have ten extra minutes for journaling or meditation, then you try a new vanilla-flavored coffee instead of the usual one, and take your four-legged companion for a walk to a new park or square.

Remember that a few minor adjustments can totally change the way you feel during the day – it can help you beat boredom, improve your mood, and get your creative juices flowing. Start changing your routine today and see how it will influence your daily life.

Enjoy Some Physical Activity

Pretty often, people feel bored because they have an excess of physiological energy: they want to engage in some type of physical activity but have nothing to do. If your current level of activity is lower than usual, you should find a way to fix it. You should start exercising more often or get into a new sport to release your energy.

Wrapping Up

If you feel bored from time to time, it’s totally normal. Embrace the boredom, and you will unlock your creative power. 

If you suffer from boredom for an extended period of time and nothing helps you overcome this feeling, consider getting professional mental help. Chronic boredom is one of the signs of clinical depression, so it would be wise of you to discuss your problems with the therapist.

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