Mayor Adams, Chancellor Banks No Kid Hungry NY Honor “NYC Hunger Heroes”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams, New York City Department of Education (DOE) Chancellor David Banks, and No Kid Hungry New York today recognized 35 “NYC Hunger Heroes.”

Extraordinary professionals from the DOE’s Office of Food and Nutrition Services who have gone above and beyond to provide kids with access to nutritious meals every day. These 35 individuals come from each of the city’s school districts and food service administration teams. For the first time, this year’s Hunger Heroes include inspectors and compliance professionals in addition to the dedicated cafeteria staff who directly serve 800,000 meals to students every day. With more than 400,000 children in New York City facing hunger, or about one in four, the heroes who plan, prepare, and serve school meals are on the front lines of this crisis.

“My mother was a school food worker; I saw how hard she worked. And I know how hard every one of our DOE cooks and food service workers works every day to deliver for our children with an extra garnish, a smile, and a word of encouragement,” said Mayor Adams. “One in four children in our city might experience hunger this year, and that’s why it’s so important that our Hunger Heroes are helping to combat hunger across our city on a daily basis. Not all heroes wear capes, some wear aprons, and, today, we are proud to honor those heroes.”

“Our food service workers have a constant presence and play a pivotal role in the lives of our students,” said DOE Chancellor Banks. “Beyond preparing and serving delicious and nutritious food, they are friends, caretakers, and caring adults who check in on our kids and ensure they receive the nourishment and support they need. There are no words to express my gratitude to the Hunger Heroes being recognized today and to all of the food service workers in schools across the city doing this critical work for our young people.”

“No matter what challenges children may face at home, they can count on our Hunger Heroes to provide nutritious meals every school day — often going above and beyond to make sure New York City’s kids have a healthy foundation to learn,” said Rachel Sabella, director, No Kid Hungry New York. “These are exemplary professionals who are vital to school communities, and we are grateful for their work. At No Kid Hungry, we know how much goes into planning, preparing, and serving school meals, and we celebrate the contributions of every food services professional.”

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2023 NYC Hunger Heroes


  • District 1: Rosa Serrata, School Lunch Aide (P.S. 184 Shuang Wen School)
  • District 2: Svetlana Krasinikova, Cook (P.S. 40 Augustus Saint-Gaudens)
  • District 3: Leonard Newby, Senior School Lunch Aide (P.S. 113 Anthony J. Pranzo)
  • District 4: Rajpaul Singh, School Lunch Aide/Cook (Park East HS)
  • District 5: Raylette Grant, Cook (P.S. 133 Fred R. Moore)
  • District 6: Wendoly Santos, Senior School Lunch Helper/Cook-in-Charge (P.S.M.S 278 Paula Hedbavny School)


  • District 7: Christine Hunte, School Food Service Manager (P.S. 25 Bilingual School, 154 Jonathan D. Hyatt, 161 Juan Ponce De Leon, and P168x)
  • District 8: Jacklyn Beazer, School Lunch Aide (M.S. 301 Paul L. Dunbar)
  • District 9: Annabelle Bobb, School Lunch Helper (P.S. 28 Mount Hope)
  • District 10: Julie Zambito, School Food Service Manager (P.S. 56 Norwood Heights, P.S. 307 Luisa Pineiro Fuentes School of Science and Discovery, Walton High School Complex, and Academy of Mount Saint Ursula)
  • District 11: Nicola Jackson, Senior School Lunch Helper/Cook (P.S. 483 Matilda Avenue School)
  • District 12: Yolanda Brown, Senior School Lunch Aide/Cook (Bronx Career and College Preparatory High School)


  • District 13: Juan Taveras, Assistant Cook (P.S. 133 William A. Butler)
  • District 14: Paulina Valdez Bautista, Manager (P.S. 147 Success Academy, JHS 50 John D. Wells, and Williamsburg High School)
  • District 15: Orie Urami Yukimi, Senior School Lunch Helper/Assistant Cook (P.S. 130 The Parkside School)
  • District 16: Vanda Halley-Reid, School Lunch Aide (Brooklyn High School for Law and Technology)
  • District 17: Brian McKenzie, School Lunch Aide/Cook (M.S. 61 Dr. Gladstone H. Atwell Middle School)
  • District 18: Beverly Prescott, School Lunch Aide/Cook (P.S. 233 The Langston Hughes School)
  • District 19: Allison Boston, School Lunch Aide (Van Siclen Community School Campus)
  • District 20: Giovanna Spata, Senior School Lunch Helper (Franklin D. Roosevelt High School)
  • District 21: Lisa Marchese, School Lunch Assistant/Cook (Edward R. Murrow High School)
  • District 22: Evelyn Schein, Senior School Lunch Helper/Cook (P.S. K811 The Connie Lekas School)
  • District 23: Tsannez Nash, School Food Service Manager (Dr. Jacqueline Peek-Davis School, Christopher Avenue Community School, Brownsville Ascend Charter School Elementary, and Metropolitan Diploma Plus High School)
  • District 32: Lorene Munro, Senior School Lunch Aide/Cook (I.S. 347 School of Humanities)


  • District 24: Barbara Targonska, School Lunch Aide (P.S. 290 A.C.E Academy for Scholars)
  • District 25: Angela D’Amico, Senior School Lunch Aide/Cook (I.S. 237 Rachel Carson)
  • District 26: Diane Kokosis, School Lunch Assistant/Cook in Charge (Francis Lewis High School)
  • District 27: Jasoda Sanassie, School Lunch Helper (Far Rockaway High School)
  • District 28: Keisha James, Senior School Lunch Aide/Cook (J.H.S. 217 Robert A. Van Wyck)
  • District 29: Janice Sutherland, Senior School Lunch Aide/Cook (P.S. 33 Edward M. Funk)
  • District 30: Patricia Khayi, Senior School Lunch Aide/Cook (P.S. 166 The Henry Gradstein School)

Staten Island

  • District 31: Miranda Saad, School Lunch Assistant/Cook (College of Staten Island High School)


  • Thomas Flynn, Accountability/Compliance Coordinator
  • Immaculate Semilla, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Advisor
  • Anthony Kancelaric, Distribution Supervisor

To find out more about “NYC Hunger Heroes” here.

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