How Do American Businesses Stay Competitive From Harlem And Beyond?

November 21, 2023

In the last few years, American businesses in every sector have faced some significant challenges.

Firstly, the global pandemic in 2020 forced millions of organizations to move to remote working practices to adhere to government restrictions on the movement of citizens in some states. This was extremely damaging to retail firms that relied on physical premises (rather than purely online operations) and many were forced to close.

Subsequently, the ongoing war in Ukraine has increased the cost of energy and some commodities, making it harder for many businesses to remain competitive. In addition, high levels of inflation and lower consumer spending power are creating a situation whereby non-essential goods are being purchased less frequently.

This challenging economic landscape makes it difficult for American firms to enjoy similar levels of revenue and profitability when compared to recent decades. However, American firms are renowned for being able to continuously adapt to difficult circumstances and are constantly looking for ways to remain competitive. In this article, some key ways that American firms achieve this will be explored.

They utilize the latest technology

America was one of the first countries to harness emerging technologies in their manufacturing operations. For example, the concept of production lines in car manufacturing was demonstrated by Henry Ford with the creation of the Model T vehicle. This was one of the first examples of a truly automated production line process, with workers using a range of new technology to make the vehicles at volume.

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Today, American businesses rely on technology to improve the speed that products and components can be made at, while still ensuring a high level of standardization and consistency in what’s produced.

For example, many American manufacturing firms use a UV laser marking machine. This technology can accurately mark and engrave components in commercial and industrial firms with a degree of precision that couldn’t be achieved with human labor. In addition, the speed at which these engraving and marking tasks are undertaken allows a high volume of output to be achieved to extremely high standards.

Laser marking technology is found in many different sectors of American industry, from vehicle production to heavy manufacturing. It’s just one example of how American businesses adopt the latest technology to enjoy higher levels of output and therefore lower unit production costs.

They provide comprehensive training and development

The American workforce is world-renowned for being highly talented, adaptable, and innovative. It is truly a multi-skilled workforce that can undertake a range of activities across multiple industries, and this allows American firms to enjoy a competitive edge in production and quality.

One of the key ways that this is achieved is by providing comprehensive employee training and development packages. While other industries in developing countries may rely on a largely unskilled workforce, American staff receive high-level training that allows them to become highly skilled and proficient workers. Many firms will offer their staff a wide range of bespoke training options that allow them to learn new skills and specialize in key areas of a business.

This ongoing training also allows American businesses to reduce employee turnover, thus lowering recruitment costs by providing multiple routes for career progression.

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