Harlem’s Ilfenesh Hadera, A New Baywatch Beauty Who Gives Back (Video)

Grunge Cake reports that Ilfenesh Hadera, the Harlem, New York-native actress is the latest talent to join the new Baywatch film cast. 

According to an article by The Red Bulletin, the beauty will be Dwayne Johnson’s love interest. Johnson wrote the following about her on Instagram,

“She had to be a lot of things. Strong, intelligent, formidable, beautiful and funny.”

We don’t know much about Miss Hadera yet, but we can bet that she is what Mister Johnson says. Aside from what he said, the actress has a captivating smile.

Ironically when she was in high school, she wasn’t the best swimmer. She fell off a swimming block. Now, she is a “pretty strong swimmer.” She told The Red Bulletin that she trained for two months. They trained twice a week, for two hours a session.

If you’re too young to know, Baywatch is a symbolic television series responsible for the long-lasting careers of Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff.

As far as the forthcoming film is concerned, it comes out next month (May 26, 2017) in the United States. Watch the comedic movie trailer for Baywatch directed by Seth Gordon below:

Naturally beautiful and down-to-earth, she is the kind of person we can all appreciate. From The Red Bulletin, she has a good sense of self, her parents’ organization is called, African Services Committee. The organization’s mission is to “give a helping hand to other newcomers. It is a multiservice agency based in Harlem and dedicated to assisting immigrants, refugees, and asylees from across the African Diaspora.”

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