Harlem World Advisory Board Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Advisory Board 9 members are to:

  • Attend four meetings per year, each held on a weekday from 6 pm to 7 pm EST
  • Contribute your expertise and thinking to the current and future work of Harlem World Magazine
  • Be available for four to five telephone calls each year from staff seeking advice
  • Allow Harlem World Magazine to publish your name as a member of the Advisory Board
  • Serve on an AB Committee: Affairs, External Affairs, Governance and The Executive Committee:

Internal Affairs Committee: All internal and operational issues-including those related to finance, human resources, and facilities-are handled by this committee which is staffed by the CFO and the Director of HR (or the ED where these positions do not exist).

External Affairs Committee: All external issues-including fundraising, public relations, and marketing — are the responsibility of this committee, which is staffed by the Development Director (or by the ED).

Governance Committee: This committee is responsible for the health and functioning of the board. It recruits new members, conducts orientation, produces board materials, and evaluates the performance of the board itself. This committee, staffed by the ED, is arguably the most important of the three. It is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of the current board and for recruiting tomorrow’s leaders.

The Executive Committee: Many nonprofits have an Executive Committee, typically conceived with a mandate to “take care of issues that come up between board meetings.” Over time, however, an Executive Committee often begins to usurp the role of the board. It works closely with the ED and so hears of issues before they come to the full board, helping the ED to resolve them in advance of the next board meeting. As a result, board meetings can become a series of reports by this committee and the ED on actions they have taken. Over time, other board members may feel they have no meaningful role in decision-making.

In return, Harlem World Magazine promises you:

  • Meetings that start and end on time
  • Complimentary membership and VIP events during your term on the Advisory Board
  • An appreciation of your time and a commitment not to abuse your time or your generosity
  • Advisory Board terms are for one year or 12 months

Click here for our roster of current Advisory Board members.