Dining with Miss Lil: Learn More About The Quality of Your Food

May 1, 2012

Are you aware of GMOs or GEs and how they are impacting your life? GMOs stands for genetically modified organisms and GEs stand for genetically engineered foods. Food manufacturers use them to produce food quicker and at lower costs than conventional methods of growing food. When I look at the list of food manufacturers whose processed foods may contain GMOs, it scares me. It’s unlabeled, it’s untested, and we are eating it. GMOs are in everything and we don’t know it because the FDA does not require them to disclose any information to us. More than 90% of all corn, soybean, sugar beets and canola grown in the United States come from genetically modified seeds or GMOs. Studies have shown that when our livestock consume GMOs there has been a dramatic increase in allergies, intestinal problems, and liver damage in the animals. Plenty of non organic foods are produced from animals such as chickens, cows, or pigs that are raised on GM feed such as grains; what is the long term impact on us? They don’t know.

We do know that asthma, autism and auto immune problems are up. Food allergies have double and peanut allergies have tripled in the last twenty years. We do know that GMOs are in processed foods that use the corn, soybean, canola seeds and high fructose syrups in them. For further details the Center for Food Safety has compiled a shopper’s guide on how to avoid foods made with GMOs that you can obtain at the following web site: http://truefoodnow.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/cfs-shoppers-guide.pdf

The more I educate myself about how food is produced and manufactured here in the United States, the more I shop at the farmers’ market for locally harvested fruits, vegetables as well as fresh locally caught fish, and meats from 100% grass fed animals. My menus are focusing more on “in season” fruits and vegetables and wild seafood, and less on meats. Food tastes better, and lesser amounts are filling me up quicker. I feel healthier and I am more fit. I’m concentrating on incorporating exercising into my daily routine, instead of only three times a week as prescribed.

I never was into binging or consuming large quantities of food in a setting. However, reducing my portion sizes is critical to me losing weight. Whenever I eat out, I ask for a takeout container and I only eat half of the meal then, and I save the other half for another day or for later that day. I try to patronize establishments that practice cooking like I do at home; from “the farm to the table” approach to sourcing their ingredients and cooking from scratch.

I want to achieve my goal of reversing my diabetes so I am working at it from many different angles; quality and quantity of food consumed, exercise, getting enough sleep each night and reducing the amount of stress in my life. If I had a loved one with allergies, respiratory problems, or delayed development issues I would cut processed foods out of their lives, and start serving them only quality non GMO, GE foods. I heard a doctor on the news the other day discussing these issues in regards to autistic children. Chef Beau McMillan is working with a doctor on a cookbook for people with Alzheimer’s disease in their family medical history.

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