AbeBooks is an online marketplace for books, fine art and collectibles where you can discover and buy the things you love. Trusted independent sellers from around the world offer for sale millions of new, used and rare books, as well as art and collectibles through the AbeBooks websites. Fill your bookshelves with used books, the latest bestsellers, rare books such as first editions and signed copies, new and used textbooks, and forgotten out-of-print titles from years gone by. Decorate your home with fine art, ranging from vintage posters and prints to etchings and original paintings. Add to your collection with vintage magazines and periodicals, comics, photographs, maps and manuscripts, and paper collectibles ranging from autograph letters to movie scripts and other ephemera. Millions of books and other objects are listed for sale on our marketplace by thousands of sellers located in more than 50 countries. Their epic selection stretches from manuscripts created before the invention of the Gutenberg Press to the latest signed bestsellers. They have customers from Harlem to Harare, who are buying books and other printed matter published in multiple languages.

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African American Literary Book Club (AALBC.COM)

We love Troy Johnson founder of the, the oldest, largest, and most frequently visited web site dedicated to books by, or about, people of African descent. Started in 1997, is a widely recognized source of information about Black authors. The mission of AALBC is to promote literature and literary nonfiction from all over the world to readers of all backgrounds, to satisfy readers’ book-buying needs. Serve as a resource and platform for aspiring and established writers. To provide a variety of book production services including book printing and manuscript editing. Provides a forum for the exchange of opinions on Black literature and culture. They foster an appreciation for reading and literacy, assess and report on the reading habits of African Americans and Advocate for web equality and independence.



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Booklovers want to be enriched, educated and entertained. Their tastes are as wide and varied as we are diverse, but there’s one thing we all have in common. They love a good bargain! You see, there’s something special about bargain-hunting for a booklover. Sifting through a vast catalog — online or in-store — is a pleasure and, for many, even a pastime. Looking for that needle in a haystack, or the prospect of filling a cart with unexpected treasures elicits the thrill of a hunt. And when they find that gem — be it one or many — in new condition and at a fantastic price? Well, that’s priceless!

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Harlem Writers Guild

Harlem Writers Guild (HWG) is the oldest organization of African-American writers, founded in 1950 by John Oliver Killens, Rosa Guy, John Henrik Clarke, Willard Moore and Walter Christmas. The Harlem Writers Guild was set up as a forum where African-American writers could develop their craft. After funding for an organization active in the late 1940s called “The Committee for the Negro in the Arts” ended, these writers felt excluded from the mainstream literary culture of New York City. The HWG was also part of the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s, and its rationale continues to be to develop and aid in the publication of works by writers of the African diaspora. Other writers who have been associated with the HWG include Lonne Elder III, Douglas Turner Ward, Ossie Davis, Paule Marshall, Audre Lorde, Maya Angelou and Sarah E. Wright.

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Mix Book

Mixbook is the most powerful design tool to create fully customizable photo products like books, cards, calendars, and wall canvases. With Mixbook’s free online editor, you’re not limited to static pre-designed templates, you have the freedom to edit to your heart’s content. We’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing you the best experience in creating professional quality photo products that truly reflect your vision for years to come.

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Overstock Books

Overstock, excessive stock, excess2sell, B-stock, or excess inventory, is the result of poor management of stock demand or of material flow in process management. Excessive stock is also associated with loss of revenue owing to additional capital bound with the purchase or simply storage space taken. Excessive stock can result from over delivery from a supplier or from poor ordering and management of stock by a buyer for the stock. Overstock also is known as seasonal overstock, consists of first quality overstock that must be sold. At the end of a selling season, all designated books is removed from the selling floor, boxed and sold to liquidation companies. When referring to overstock merchandise in the form of consumer goods in a retail operation, the term refers to goods that have never been purchased by a customer but that are considered excessive stock from shelves and/or warehouses. Excessive stock is typically discarded of in the following ways: returned to the manufacturer or original distributor, liquidated to companies that then resell it on the secondary wholesale or retail market, sold at an extreme discount to existing customers, sold to salvage companies which then process metals and components of value.

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Penguin Random House Books

Welcome to the world of Penguin Random House books. Explore the topics and categories on this page to learn more about how we partner with authors to bring you over 70,000 digital and 15,000 print books each year. For more than 35 years, students and their families have trusted The Princeton Review to help them get into their dream schools. Our mission is to provide personalized, innovative, best-in-class private tutoring, test prep, and admission products and services to help students knock down barriers and achieve their academic goals. We are solely on the side of the students—we are not affiliated with any of the test developers.

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