Art Is For Everyone: How Online Galleries Are Opening Up The Market

We can safely say that there was a time when the world of art was only available to a small group of people, around the world.

You needed lots of money and connections if you wanted to buy paintings, sculptures and other types of artworks. The community was run by a few art galleries, and it selected the artists they believed should have their place under the sun. Not anymore. Online galleries have made art available for everyone, and they have enlarged the number of artists on the scene.

A Revolution that benefits Buyers and Artists

It is often said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But to find beauty, it first has to be made available to you. Not so long ago, if you wanted to buy a painting, you would have to enter into an art gallery, where they would have showed you the artists that they represented. You would have found such boutiques in the most expensive part of town, and it was clear that not everyone was welcome. Flash forward to 2022, and all of this has changed radically. Now, if you want to find portrait, abstract or nature paintings for sale in one location, all you have to do is get on the internet and look for an online gallery, like SINGULART, where you will find many artists and their work. 

This has literally changed the world of art, switching it from being exclusive to open to the world. Just as with most industries, the internet has revolutionized the rules of the game. It made the acquiring process easier, so that more people would have access to it. In turn, it created a need for more work of arts, which enabled more artists to come up on the scene. It has been a win-win proposition for both the public and creators of art, which is why online galleries have become so popular, in the first place.

Reaching a New Public

If you thought that only people from older generations, and from a certain level of wealth, could afford to get into the market of collecting art, then you must not follow this industry so much. Nowadays, the people that buy art mostly come from the new generations. They have learned the importance of beauty in their lives through the education that their parents gave them, but they have developed their own tastes as they went along. 

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Now, they are the ones that go online to acquire paintings, sculptures, photographs and other types of artworks. They take pride in their collection, and often strike a pose with them in the background, to share on one of their social network accounts. The world of art has gained so many new customers in the last few years, that it has become a more flourishing industry than ever. We are only at the beginning of the popularity of online galleries, so there is no doubt that they will continue to help the growth of art, both for the public and artists alike. 

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