5 Things You Need to Know About A Reclining Office Chair

April 6, 2021

Selecting an ergonomic and very comfortable office chair is an extremely important process. The higher prevalence of back pain problems has been directly linked to a more sedentary lifestyle, including daily long sitting hours at your desk. It leads to a buildup of pressure in the lower back, especially if the design of the chair does not involve consideration for the natural curve of the back. An ergonomic office chair is constructed to provide maximum support and ultimate comfort suitable for long sitting hours. Adjustability, breathability, and strong build are other key features of a comfortable office chair.

Reclining Office Chairs

There are numerous kinds of office chairs on the market. They vary in design, color, materials, features, as well as functionality. Reclining office chairs are a kind of office chair with added features such as a reclining backrest and a footrest. If you want to add a reclining chair to your office, the following are important things to know.

Greater comfort

Reclining chairs are typically very comfortable. Their ability to recline to various comfortable positions will allow users to choose the best position for them and change anytime they want. Reclining office chairs are very suitable for people with back pain problems who may have to change their position frequently. Some offer 2 or 3 positions while some have infinite positions and can be locked at any point. Most also have a footrest, which allows you to lean back for a nap or relaxation.  

Prioritize Quality (Solid Build)

One of the biggest problems of recliner chairs is related to locomotion. This is due to the greater level of movement in these chairs. Therefore, it is important to select a reclining office chair with a very solid and stable build. Check the materials used for the construction of the base and frame – the more metallic they are, the better. In addition to checking the material used for the frame, check the engineering – It is better to have minimal welding. To ensure your floor isn’t damaged, go for a nylon base.

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Note: the quality or solid build is important for all chairs but it is more important for reclining chairs.

 They Are More Expensive

The manufacture of reclining office chairs entails greater efforts and more technology hence they are typically more expensive than other kinds of office chairs. However, there are reclining office chairs that are as cheap as $200. They are worth every cent – you can go for a payment plan or save gradually.

More Space Required

Reclining office chairs require more office space, especially for full recline. You will need big office space for a reclining chair – check the length of the chair in a full recline position and compare it with your space. If you don’t have a big space, there are alternative recliners such as a wall hugger.

The Angle of Recline Varies

The angle of recline of reclining chairs varies from one to the other. Some can go all the way back to a horizontal position while the maximum recline angle of some others is 135 degrees.

Key features of an ergonomic office chair

Lumbar support

Lumbar support, whether internal or external, is one of the most important parts of a comfortable chair. It is specifically shaped to provide support for the lower back – the S-curve of the spine. If it’s an external pillow, it is necessary for the padding material to be soft as well as firm.


Given the number of hours you have to remain in your chair daily, the chair must be generously padded. A generously padded seat ensures that the pressure on the thighs is minimal, allowing proper flow of blood to and fro the lower extremes of the body. The backrest and armrests have to well-cushioned too.


The more adjustable or customizable an office chair is, the better it is. This allows each user to adjust the details of the chair, such as the seat height, armrests, and backrest, according to their peculiar needs. Usually, the more adjustable the chair, the more comfortable it will be.


Breathability is very fundamental to comfortability. Different kinds of materials are used for the upholstery of chairs e.g. leather, microfiber, mesh, etc. Mesh is the most breathable but not everyone likes mesh material – it can be too hard. Microfiber is also very breathable; it is suitable for warmer climates as well as people with sweating issues. Leather material is the most common – it is easy to clean and maintain.

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