5 Great Apps For Learning Spanish

October 27, 2022

To learn a new language, it is not necessary to spend hours every day reading textbooks or dictionaries.

Learning with the help of movies, TV series, and communication with native speakers is not only the best way to memorize information, but also an opportunity to have fun and meet new people. 

These online platforms will help you find motivation and inspiration to learn Spanish and become fluent as a result of spanish lessons.

Babbel: short video lessons, online classes and creative teaching methods

The Babbel platform is the world’s first application that helps people from all over the world to learn a new language online. On the site, users can not only take virtual lessons but also watch podcasts or blogs. The peculiarity of the platform is that it selects an individual learning plan for each student, depending on their level of language proficiency and the amount of time they spend on online lessons every day. After receiving the answers, the application develops a learning plan consisting of short video lessons that will help users learn to communicate fluently in a foreign language. If you buy a subscription to Babbel Live, it will allow you to attend an unlimited number of online Spanish lessons with an instructor. On the platform, you can choose the topics of Spanish courses, the time and duration of the seminars that suit you best. A large selection of video lessons, online courses, seminars, podcasts, articles on Spanish language does not affect the pricing policy of the platform. On the contrary, prices on the Babbel website are lower than those of competitors, although the quality of services is at the highest level. 

LingoPie: Spanish in TV series and movies 

If you want to combine learning Spanish with leisure, this online platform is for you. The convenience of this platform is that each video contains two types of subtitles (in English and Spanish), so users can watch movies or TV series and at the same time learn new words in a convenient way. After watching a new video, you will receive cards with all the new words and will be able to repeat them. Of course, in addition to vocabulary, your listening comprehension is also enriched, so this method of learning will help you develop your communication skills and communicate fluently with Spaniards. For the convenience of all users, the LingoPie platform is available both online and in applications for mobile devices with iOS or Android.

Mondly: modern technology for learning Spanish 

Mondly’s language courses are a combination of gamification strategies, short lessons, and audio exercises from native speakers to help you learn Spanish with a natural conversational accent. Students can chat with a chatbot to check their knowledge and use regular methods to revise the material. If you are looking for a creative learning program to learn Spanish, Mondly is the perfect option. After you pass the test to determine your level of Spanish, the program will offer you an individual set of exercises and games, whose level of difficulty will gradually increase. The learning methods on Mondly are designed in such a way that users will not only be able to effectively learn a new foreign language but also to learn vocabulary on various topics, such as travel, doctor visits, entertainment, business phrases. For maximum convenience of learning Spanish, users can download the application to their device or take lessons online in a browser. 

Pimsleur: learn Spanish in 30 minutes a day

The Pimsleur platform uses in its teaching methods the proven fact that 30 minutes a day is the optimal time to learn a new foreign language. Many users agree with this and are very satisfied with the service of this application because Pimsleur regularly ranks first in the online market of learning platforms. The short lessons consist of two parts: for the development of communication skills in Spanish and reading in Spanish. Audio tasks use the vocabulary of native speakers, so it is an opportunity for users not only to learn how to perceive information by ear, but also to pronounce words correctly. Thanks to the fact that you can register on the platform, it will remember your information, and in the future, you will be able to view educational materials from any laptop or mobile device. 

The learning process on Pimsleur has 4 important principles: 

  1. The prediction principle allows users to adapt brain activity to predict the correct answer. 
  2. The principle of the limited number of new words focuses on ensuring that students learn only the number of words that can be effectively memorized in one lesson. 
  3. The principle of organic learning increases language learning productivity by ensuring that students learn new vocabulary in the context of the conversation. 
  4. The principle of recall helps platform users to periodically repeat the learned material. 

These teaching methods were developed by researcher Paul Pimsleur 50 years ago, but their effectiveness allows students to learn foreign languages today. Tens of thousands of positive reviews from users of the Pimsleur platform confirm this information. 

Rocket Languages: comprehensive and interactive learning of Spanish 

The Rocket Languages platform allows students to learn Spanish comprehensively through creative tutorials and interactive lessons. The platform not only uses more than 30 state-of-the-art teaching methods, conducts periodic monitoring of knowledge, but also provides students with motivational support. After several lessons, users can get progress points that allow them to track the effectiveness of learning and get inspiration for new efforts.

Another feature of Rocket Languages is the combination of language learning with cultural exploration. Students can choose lessons on different topics depending on their goals and wishes. The platform offers hundreds of text, visual and audio instructions with varying levels of difficulty and different emphases on vocabulary, grammar or phonetics for effective learning. After completing the course, users can write a final test and receive an electronic diploma of their Spanish language level. 

If you want to make learning Spanish comprehensive, fun and effective, use one of these platforms or several of them at the same time. Combining different learning methods, including video lessons, communication with native Spanish speakers, watching movies and TV series, and interactive games is the best way to make the learning process productive.

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