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Welcome to the Shop HW page, a page for helping you shop the internet.

It is edited by our team at Harlem World Magazine (not robots), and is designed to surface the best useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape from Harlem to Harare.

Most online shopping advice comes in the form of not, particularly helpful roundups and slideshows. Our hope is to find the stuff out there that is actually worth buying — products that are really good and that we fully believe in.

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Every product is one of the best independently picked by an (obsessive) team member.

Online & Mobile Services. While it’s great to have the newest or most expensive gizmo on the market, what most interests us is finding what works. From Bluetooth headphones to laptops, these are the electronics that do their job — reliably.

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"Dr. Harry Delany is a renowned Harlem born and raised surgeon, the son of the great jurist and civil rights leader, Hubert Delany...." This monthly post is made in partnership with Harlem Cultural Archives.

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