Shop Harlem: Echo The Renaissance With Italian Calfskin Travel Bag

kenneth cole bag in harlm1

Positano Gladstone bag is made with Saddle Brown Italian calfskin butter leather. A truly vintage leather duffle that will never go out of style – it fits nicely under the seat, in the trunk  or over the shoulder.

kenneth cole bag in harlm 4We can imagine Miles Davis or Billie Holiday unpacking at Minton’s on 118th Street with the floor-to-floor zipper that makes packing easy and painless – imagine no more stuffing and wrinkling clothes through a tight opening!

kenneth cole bag in harlm 2

The interior of this travel bag lined in canvas with patterned fabric rugged 100% Cotton/Denim so your clothes will always unpack smelling fresh and looking fabulous.kenneth cole bag in harlm 5

This piece of vintage luggage also has an inside zip pocket for holding a passport and travel supplies.

Price: $ 249 (Free shipping)

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