… my site spiked at five times my usual numbers. – A’Leila Bundles, (Madam C.J. Walker’s great-great-granddaughter)

Harlem isn’t just a place—it’s a state of mind. As the #1 source in the world for living your best life in Harlem. Our mission is to provide content across all relevant media that supports Harlemites’ desires to aspire to and be the best of the best.

We focus on real estate, lifestyle, beauty, travel, books, philanthropy, weddings, and fabulous photography. Our bespoke content is crafted by a dedicated Harlem World Magazine editorial team. We present Harlem content that is easy to access and navigate across all our platforms—digital, social gatherings, live events, print media, website, social media, and email where it’s all tracked and reported through Google Analytics software.

We tell advertisers where the hotspots are in Harlem, where they can rent retail space, and what events they want to be associated with. We’re the respected authority on the best in Harlem, and we connect business owners with their peers in a way that national brands can’t, and at a price that most of these local businesses can afford.

Website, Social Media & Email

  • Unique Users 2.5 million
  • Page Views 4.8 million
  • 75% of our readers are female executives
  • 29% of annual readers income is between $70,000-$110,000+
  • 70% of our readers are 24 to 56 years of age
  • 79% of readers have a graduate degree
  • 85% visit local events and businesses monthly
  • 60% in Harlem, 20% in the USA, 20% Worldwide

Our Partners

Our Partners are Harlem-based organizations who account for 175,000+ shares and our Sponsors account for our success generously. As do our reader influencers, including musician and Harlemite, Ron Stewart, who shares our posts across his Facebook page every day, from Twitter to Pinterest, to Linkedin and our new on Youtube page.

We’re looking at all the numbers above, (but importantly we’re focused) and we focus on interests, behaviors, and responses from our readers that filter through our Analytics. Our focus is not: how many people do we have? It is: what interests them, how would they like to spend their time, and how can Harlem World be a part of the solution?

Go, Native

Our most appealing Advertising offering, from Sponsored Content to Print, falls into the category of Native Advertising. In this respect, advertising is much like a DJ, spinning your content so it seamlessly combines with our platforms created by our Harlem World Magazine Studio and your company’s content.

Read more about Our Process for creating content.

“Original content created by Harlem World Magazine has a response rate of over 130% vs. aggregated content.” – Google Analytics.

Native Advertising creates a more organic experience for our visitors, which leads to more shares and likes, and projects a cohesive brand identity. Custom Native Advertising spotlights what makes you stand out, and communicates your “call to action.”

Our Services 

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