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We Don’t Sell, We Tell Harlem Stories

Harlem World Magazine is the #1 source in the world for living your best life and style in Harlem since 2003. With over 83,000 weekly readers from around the block and around the world.

We push your content across our platforms—digital, social gatherings, events, print media, website, social media, and email for a deeper connection with our readers.

Why Harlem World Magazine?

We tell advertisers where the hotspots are in Harlem, where they can rent retail space, and what events they want to be associated with. We’re the respected authority in Harlem, and we connect business owners with their peers in a way that national brands can’t, and at a price that most of these local businesses can afford.

Harlem World is a customer-centric company, our goal is to do business with our customers in a way that provides a positive customer experience before and after the sale in order to drive repeat business, customer loyalty and profits.

… my site spiked at five times my usual numbers. – A’Leila Bundles, (Madam C.J. Walker’s great-great-granddaughter)

Website, Social Media & Email

  • Unique Users 2.5 million
  • Page Views 4.8 million
  • 75% of our readers are female executives
  • 29% readers annual income is between $60,000-$110,000+
  • 70% of our readers are 24 to 56 years of age
  • 79% of readers have a graduate degree
  • 85% visit local events and businesses monthly
  • 60% in Harlem, 20% in the USA, 20% Worldwide

Source: 2018 Google Analytics (annual) and the annual HMW 2019 Survey.

The Harlem World Magazine Content Studio

As we said above, We Don’t Sell, We Tell Harlem Stories with local experts. We live here, we breathe here, we eat here, we socialize here and very importantly our content is positive. Outside of Harlem, New York, the national brands don’t have that. We can offer unparalleled brand activation, we can tell you where the hotspots are in Harlem, where they should rent retail space, what events they should be associated with, who the influencers are. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for brands who want to connect business owners with Harlem business owners in a way that national brands can’t, and [at a price] that most local businesses can afford.

Our Harlem World Magazine Content Studio produces content that informs, inspires and delights millions of smart curious and highly engaged listeners. The Studio is in partnership with Tisdale Studio, created by award-winning visual artist, and Harlem World Magazine CEO and Founder Danny Tisdale. The Content Studio includes writers, photographers, and videographers with over 60 years of combined experience that takes a concierge approach in the creative process of crafting Harlem content that is a positive, emotional “call-to-action”, mixing it much like a DJ, spinning your content so it seamlessly combines with our platform.

Building on decades of commercial publishing, we’re ethical, and an NAACP award-winning content creators that share our “Harlem Stories,” across all of our platforms. Our goal is to deliver successful content solutions. Off the Shelf or Concierge, you decide.

Click Our Process to find out how we create content.

Our Social

Our social network connects us to our Harlem readers on our website Harlem World Magazine from our Twitter to Pinterest, to Linkedin and our Youtube page (influencers, 35%-40% Retweet, Share, and Like stories giving them a second and third life). We push your content over platforms like Outbrain Inc., Taboola, WordPress, Google, Shareaholic and TripleLift who do a fantastic job suggesting complimentary content via native ads on their publisher “Related Content” websites. Very powerful when included with our mobile, tablet and online browsing, and in-app viewability platforms.

Influencers & Partners

We have very passionate influencers like musician and Harlemite, Ron Stewart, who has 245 mutual friends he shares Harlem World Magazine posts across Facebook, once or twice a day sometimes 6-7 times every day. Our Harlem World Partners are who account for thousands of shares and links.

We’re looking at all the numbers, all the time, (but importantly we’re focused) and we focus on interests, behaviors, and responses from our readers that filter through our Google Analytics with our developer at Net Theory. Our focus is not: how many people do we have? It is: what interests them, how would they like to spend their time, and how can Harlem World be a part of the solution?

Social Responsibility

Qualified Non-Profits, Social Enterprises, and Social Entrepreneurs clients receive a discount that translates into 50/50 in-kind sponsorships for events, services and/or products.

A portion of all our proceeds will be donated to Harlem World Cares, addresses important social issues around the block and around the world.

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