No One Is Impressed With This French Soccer Knucklehead’s Blackface “Tribute”

SBNation reports that a ignorant photo of soccer star Antoine Griezmann in not just blackface, but makeup covering his entire body. He posted the picture on his Twitter and Instagram accounts before eventually deleting about an hour later.

Somehow, none of the people close to Griezmann — who plays for Atlético Madrid in Spain’s La Liga — were able to figure out that this costume is racist and talk him out of it.

Griezmann saw some of the backlash and, instead of deleting his tweet, defended his costume. This tweet was deleted about 15 minutes after it was posted.

“Calm down guys,” Griezmann says in the tweet, “I’m fan of the Harlem Globetrotters and this beautiful time… it’s a tribute.”

The Huffngton Post reports that Griezman issued this apology, “I recognize that this was clumsy on my part,” Griezmann tweeted. “If I hurt certain people, I apologize.”

Editor’s Note: Something tells me he won’t be coming to Harlem dressed like that. Why is he number 69?

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