Jim Jones Releases New Track ‘Awareness’

10th New York International Latino Film Festival - "Red Apples Falling"Despite getting his reality TV shine on with his show, ‘Chrissy & Mr. Jones,’ rapper Jim Jones is still doing his music thing. The Harlem capo has a new track out called ‘Awareness.’

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On the song, which Funkmaster Flex recently premiered on his Hot 97 radio show, Jones reminds us of the past struggles he experienced while climbing up the music industry ladder. The ‘We Fly High’ rapper recalls his days hustling on the Harlem streets to touring around the world with fellow Diplomats rhymer Cam’ron.

“My Harlem n—-s sling ‘caine, I was down bottom with the heat before King James,” he waxes nostalgically. “I was there before Wayne and them / With some wild Haitians n—-s with no tame in them.”

For Jim Jones, his road to stardom wasn’t easy, but he plans on living without any regrets.


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