East Harlem Launches Tax And Financial Coaching Services For Small Businesses

Newswire reports that East Harlem Financial Services has launched tax and financial coaching services for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The services are available for small business owners under $150,000.

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One of the most important aspects of running a business is understanding the accounting process. East Harlem Tax Services believes that entrepreneurs and small businesses will stay in business longer than 5 years with the right accounting and tax help.

The firm offers a 4-month entrepreneurial financial coaching program that is made up of 16 1-hour weekly coaching calls. The program is designed to help create and execute a financial blueprint for businesses and help to increase profit.

One important segment of the program is teaching business owners, entrepreneurs and direct sales representatives how to correctly price goods and services. Many business owners are unsure how to price their products and services, often under charging or over charging, both which can have a negative impact on operations.

Another important segment covered by the program is helping business owners understand the difference between direct and indirect costs. The program will teach on how to cut down on indirect costs to decrease overhead and increase profit margins. The program is designed to help businesses achieve their financial goals through a customized planning process, which will ultimately lead to higher profits.

Included in the 4-week entrepreneur financial coaching program is a unique welcome blueprint, unlimited email support, weekly action plan, resources and networking opportunities, coaching success guidelines and free business marketing.

Free business marketing is offered for 1 month under the 4 month payment plan option and 4 months under the paid in full payment option.

For businesses in the New York area, in-person consulting is available. For companies outside New York, there are phone and web conferencing options.

Small business, entrepreneurs and direct sales representatives looking to organize and grow their business can find more information here at the link above.

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