Closing Of Bearden’s “Recollections” And Others At Essie Green Galleries In Harlem

Recollections is an exhibition recalling some moments Bearden fondly wrote about. He cherished the times he spent on the island St. Maarten, on the beach with the sea and island birds. His life was refreshed by these moments that he recorded in simple small watercolors. A collage notes his love for life and again the beach.

Complimenting the Beardens are works by other artists such as William Edouard Scott (Harlem Renaissance) and Arthur Coppedge (Buggy Down Brooklyn).

A small sampling above.

Essie Green Galleries | 419A Convent Avenue, New York, 10031 212 368-9635

Photo credit: 1) Romare Bearden, Carolina Sunset,Collage on Board, 1984. 2) Arthur Coppedge, Avenue C and Ninth Street, Oil on Board, ND (Circa 1980).

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