You’ve Been In An Auto Accident: What Do You Do Now?

October 20, 2021

The exact steps were taken after a car accident depends on how severe the injuries are.

Those who are not severely injured and do not need to leave the scene in an ambulance can start by gathering evidence at the scene. If the victim is severely injured, they’ll need to wait until they are starting to recover to take the next steps to gain compensation and cover the expenses from the accident. Some of the basic steps to follow include the following.

Take Photos of Accident Scene and Exchange Information

If there are no severe injuries, contact the police to report the accident. Request the name and address of the other driver as well as their proof of insurance, and write all of this information down. The police should include it in the report if the other driver will not provide their information. Then, take photos of the accident scene before any vehicles are moved. It’s important to get as many photos as possible, as the car accident lawyer can use these for evidence if there is any question of liability. 

Seek Medical Attention, Even if Feeling Fine

Sometimes, people will walk away from a car accident feeling fine, and injuries won’t show up immediately. It’s a good idea to go ahead and seek medical attention, even if there are no apparent injuries, to make sure everything is okay. If there are hidden injuries, they can be detected during the checkup, and treatment can begin even before the victim feels any pain. 

Write Down What Happened in Details

As soon as possible after the accident, take the time to write down the details of what occurred. As time passes, it can be more difficult to remember the details of the accident, and many people will remember things incorrectly as their brain tries to fill in any gaps in memory. This happens to everyone, so it’s a good idea to write down what happened before anything is forgotten. The information that was written down can be used later if needed in negotiations or in court. 

Gather Evidence and Receipts for the Accident

Gather any evidence of the accident, such as photos of the accident scene and damage to the vehicle, and all receipts. Keep these in a safe place and, if possible, have multiple copies just in case anything happens. The lawyer working on the case will need one copy for their records, allowing them to look into the case further and help determine the amount of compensation their client should receive. 

Speak With a Lawyer About the Case

Take the time to find the right lawyer to work with, and have them start working on the case. It’s important to do this as fast as possible, as there is a limited amount of time to file a claim for compensation. The lawyer will review evidence, receipts, and any other information related to the accident to determine how to move forward. Typically, this will include negotiating for a larger settlement from the insurance company or taking the case to court. 

If you’ve been a victim of a car accident, make sure you’re taking the right steps going forward. This will help you handle the case better so you have the potential to receive the full amount of compensation you are owed. Talk to a lawyer today to learn more about your case and what compensation you could receive. 

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