Your Should Smile More – Here’s Why

Being told to smile more is often cause to frown, right? Yep, I agree. The thing is, you SHOULD smile more – but not for the sake of other people. 

It’s good for you to smile and there are so many benefits to showing off a beautiful smile. You don’t even have to have anyone to smile at – you just need to be able to brighten your own day and a smile can help you to do that. 

Whether you are a lover of being happy or you have recently had work done by cosmetic dentists and you want to show it off, you should start to smile more. The impact of regularly smiling is evident in how you will feel and how your day will go and if you don’t believe it, take a look at all the reasons you could feel and look better simply by exercising the muscles it takes to smile.

  1. Your mood will lift. It’s not easy to stay angry or sad and smile at the same time. It’s just not. You can smile derisively when you’re mad, but it doesn’t stick. If you’re feeling low or having a bad day, stretch your body out, and smile. You will be so surprised at how much more positive and upbeat you will feel as a result. It’s a good way to appreciate how you look, too, and that’s an even bigger mood booster for you!
  2. You will reduce your stress. When you’re having a terrible day, a smile can really reduce your stress levels right down. You will feel less stressed than those who keep a resting mean face. You will feel far happier and lighter when you are exercising those facial muscles into a smile rather than a frown.
  3. You’ll release happy hormones. Did you know that smiling is going to cause your body to release serotonin and endorphins? Even without smiling at first, you can feel happier as you smile more. Smiling has been found to lower the heart rate and make you feel good.
  4. Your dentist needs advertising. Well no, not really, but if you have spent money to have work done on your teeth, you absolutely should smile as much as you can! Showing off a healthy mouth is a way to show off that you actually care about what happens to your teeth and your overall health. Your dentist has put a lot of effort into your teeth, so make sure that you show off those pearly whites.
  5. You’ll be more likely to get the job. People who smile broadly are seen to be approachable and nice. If you are in a job interview or meeting, smiling can make people perceive you as a happy and comforting person. You can escalate your professional potential when you smile.

Smiling makes you look and feel good – why wouldn’t you want to smile as much as possible while you could do so? Everyone around you benefits but mostly, it’s you who benefits from a broad smile!

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