Your Guide To The Perfect Picnic In Harlem

sharon cuff winter1The arrival of summer means that picnic season is here! There are 189 football fields’ worth of grass waiting for you in Central Park, so here are our recommendations for planning your perfect day in Harlem:

Playing games: North Meadow
(Mid-Park from 97th to 102nd Street in Harlem)
If you prefer an action-packed picnic, head to the North Meadow Recreation Center and borrow a Field Day Kit. Including everything you need to host an active afternoon (Wiffle balls, footballs, Frisbees, and more). Field Day Kits are FREE to borrow.

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Entertaining your kids: East Meadow
(Mid-Park from 97th to 102nd Street in Harlem)
The lush and quiet East Meadow is tucked between two playgrounds, East 96th Street and Robert Bendheim, making it an ideal location for families with young children. After a playground adventure, continue the fun on the East Meadow’s designated childrens’ play areas.

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Let us know how your picnic goes.

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