Woman Left With flooded Apartment At NYCHA Complex In Harlem After Rainstorm

When it rains, it floods. That was the situation for one woman Monday in her New York City Housing Authority aka NYCHA complex in Harlem.
While the rest of the Tri-State area woke up to heavy rain and flooding in the morning, Wilhelmenia Fogle woke up to flooding inside her apartment.

“I had to put on my boots and walk around with my boots, be dirty water,” she said.

The 89-year-old tenant has lived at the Grant Houses since they opened in 1956. She raised her family there. But in the last few years, she says every time it rains, her apartment on the first floor gets flooded.

Her children spent most of the day helping to dry her floors.

“We hate when it rains because everytime it rains water comes up through the floor,” said her daughter Debra Moore.

The family says the water is coming from the bathroom, dripping from a pipe over the toilet, and gushing in through the wall and floor.

A few weeks ago, I’m told a worker came in and tackled the wall.

“When he broke the wall down, the pipe burst, the pipe was rusty,” said Moore. “All the water came down and there was a flood.”

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That was three weeks ago. Monday’s indoor flooding proved, the problem has still not been fixed. Plus, they have not put Ms. Fogle’s bathroom back together again.

There is no sink in there and she can’t use her shower. “I wish they would finish their job,” she said.

We reached out to NYCHA Monday night and were told the situation is unacceptable. They promised to reach out to Ms Fogle in the morning to schedule repairs as soon as possible.

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