“Wind Parade,” By Malachi Rivers , Ft. Emily Braden (video)

Just in time for the Spring bling, Harlem’s Malachi Rivers releases his new video for his single “Wind Parade” featuring the great vocals of Emily Braden. The video was directed by Reggie Ross. Malachi said, “I felt it was important to express LOVE as the song talks about loving yourself and loving others, no matter who they are”.

“Wind Parade” is the ultimate retro Hip Hop song. Sampling Jazz and Funk music legend Donald Byrd’s “Wind Parade,” the track produced by Chicago bred JoVia Armstrong, reminds you of the golden era of Hip Hop. Malachi manages to coast the soulful track with a witty and commanding flow that welcomes the smooth yet trumpet like voice of Jazz Soul singer Emily Braden.

Harlem World Magazine digs that Malachi sound, we worked worked with him back in 2010 at a HW Lounge event at Nectar – love the sound then, love the sound even more now!


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