Why Should Online Gaming Be Legal In Every State?

March 5, 2021

Betting on sports is a hobby that has millions of fans from all over the world. Besides land-based betting shops, people love wagering on their favorite team or player because they can do it online.

Online betting is extremely popular in some places around the world, such as Europe. Even though each country has its own gambling legislation, some gambling commissions allow betting operators to “work” legally in most territories.

Unfortunately, there are some places that are not so friendly towards the iGaming industry yet, one of which is the USA. This country is known for many things, including Las Vegas, which is the most popular city in the world when it comes down to casinos. Despite that, many states are yet to legalize sports betting.

Before you check the review where bwin is explained by Nostrabet, we want to include several reasons why we think that online betting should be legal in every state. It is probably just a matter of time before this industry explodes, so let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come along with it.

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People can have more fun

The internet plays a vital role in almost everyone’s life, so once the iGaming industry becomes widely available, people will be able to enjoy their hobby even if they are on the go, thanks to their smartphones or tablets.

This will probably have an impact on the popularity of the sports industry as a whole.


Perhaps the primary reason why we believe that iGaming will become available in every state sooner or later is taxes. Every country has its own gambling tax laws, and the US is no exception.

Once states find a way to tax each online gambling operator, we can expect to see many sports betting websites. We just hope that these taxes won’t be too high because some betting websites won’t be able to afford them.

More competition

There are hundreds of betting websites that people can choose from, so they will compete with the local land-based betting shops once they become available. As you know, the competition is always good for the consumer, which is why we expect some operators to come up with unique promotions, special odds, and other rewards.

Sadly, there are states that do not want to allow this industry within their jurisdictions because they think the gambling sites will make the local business go bankrupt. Hopefully, they will find a solution.

Some betting websites will sponsor the local teams

Unlike many countries in the world that only focus on their professional sports teams, the USA is famous for its numerous college teams. They have their own leagues and competitions, most of which are interesting to watch.

If some of the biggest iGaming websites get permission to operate within the given state, there is a good chance that they might sponsor the smaller leagues to advertise their services. This means that there will be better prizes and more opportunities for the people involved in the sport.

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