When Should You Consider Duct Cleaning Toronto?

A clean and homely environment makes your stay at home enjoyable.

It makes you feel relaxed after a busy day, and you always look forward to arriving home to enjoy the environment. Air ducts are key contributors to creating such wonderful homely experiences and that can only be achieved through duct cleaning Toronto.

However, if your home is unhygienic, it can cause you and your loved ones to feel sickly and want to spend more time out than at home. It is often a sign of dirty air ducts, which are often not fixed in visible places. So, how do you need duct cleaning Toronto?

1. Mold

Mold grows in wet areas and can introduce toxicity in your body. If you reside in a place with a humid atmosphere, your HVAC system will likely grow mold, especially if you have a faulty dehumidifier or have none. Manufacturers and cleaning professionals such as the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) recommend cleaning this system to prevent this growth. That is at least twice a year.

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If you suspect your ducts have mold growth, find a service technician to help you inspect your ducts. You should be vigilant in this process since some take advantage of such situations to overcharge you. If they claim there is the presence of mold growth, ask for evidence.

After confirmation of the mold, you can have NADCA certified cleaner do the work. They understand the procedures involved when handling such dirt to avoid contaminating other areas. After air duct cleaning, they also treat the surfaces to prevent the recurrence of the growth.

2. Home Building and Renovation

A lot of debris and dust is produced during house construction and renovation. This dirt finds its way to your HVAC ducts, making them not function as it should. Even if the system is not switched on, it still accumulates the dirt.

The smart thing to do during such major works is to cover your air ducts. However, most homeowners fail to observe this important step. The air ducts then become faulty, and you no longer feel the efficiency of your system. When this happens, have your ducts cleaned soon.

3. A Dusty Home

Dust always has its way of frustrating our duct cleaning Toronto efforts. No matter how hardworking we are, it still settles inside our homes, and a long time of neglecting to dust can make it unbearable. However, regular dusting makes the house stay tidy.

Sometimes, you can clean your house often and still experience a lack of freshness at all. Your home feels dusty and uncomfortable. It is an indication that your air ducts have been clogged with dirt and need some cleaning. People who are allergic to air particles such as pollen, pet hair, and dust can start reacting, and if you fail to clean these ducts, they can cause severe reactions.

4. Increased Heating and Cooling Costs

The heating and cooling costs are relatively constant. However, if your HVAC system is dirty, it becomes faulty. It takes much time to cool or heat the air resulting in more power consumption.

Therefore, if you receive unusually high bills for two consecutive months, it’s time you check your HVAC system for air duct cleaning.

HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Pros

To enjoy thorough and efficient cleaning, find cleaning professionals that have been certified by reputable bodies such as NADCA. Here are a few pros of duct-cleaning:

  • Use of commercial cleaning tools. Certified professionals use quality tools to clean your air ducts, ensuring debris does not land on other surfaces. They also know how to handle different parts of the system so that they do not cause damages.
  • You do not risk damaging your ductwork in a DIY cleaning. The professionals can easily spot areas that need a thorough duct cleaning Toronto and use their special tools in doing it, unlike when done without such equipment.
  • You can depend on other clients’ reviews of the contractor’s work. If they are new in business, you can rely on the bodies they have registered with to see if they fulfill the requirements to be offering such services.

Have you been experiencing several or any of these signs recently but can’t figure out what has been happening? Your air ducts can be the reason you are experiencing them, and you should take a look to see if they require some cleaning.

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