What Is The Best CBD Lube

The very concept of a CBD lube is likely not something that most people have considered before. After all, isn’t CBD oil something you only use as a sort of medical treatment and usually taken orally?

In actuality, CBD lube is as useful as regular CBD oil, while also having its own uses as a lubricant.

The use of cannabis has always been tied to sex, but it is only recently that CBD lube has started appearing on store shelves. So, what is it? How can you use CBD lube, and where can you find the best CBD lube available right now?


What Is CBD Lube?

For those who aren’t familiar with it, CBD lube likely seems like a strange idea; why on earth would you need to put CBD in lubricant?

Well, one of the great things about CBD oil is that it can be added to almost anything and enjoyed that way. Whereas most people prefer to imbibe their cannabinoids through the more traditional method of taking it orally, you can now get it through your lube.

CBD lube works are basically just putting the right quantity of CBD within any lubricant. As used and applied to sensitive areas, the CBD gets absorbed through the skin, allowing you to be efficiently dosed.

As CBD lube is any lube with CBD in it, there remain concerns about how to get the best CBD lube possible.

Here are a few brand suggestions for some of the best CBD lubes out there.

Best CBD Lube for Relaxation: Hemp Bombs After Hours Pleasure Gel

CBD lube has all kinds of uses, but the most obvious one is undoubtedly in intimate situations with your partner. To that end, you should look for ones that prioritize relaxing feelings and sensations.

Hemp Bombs offers up an incredibly relaxing CBD lube that is filled with relaxing terpenes and natural supplements. With the smell of gently scented candles and a great feel, this is the CBD lube to go for if you want a relaxing time.

Best CBD Lube for Intimacy: Hemp Bombs After Hours Pleasure Gel (Again!)

CBD lube has a self-evident primary purpose, and that is as a way to increase pleasure during sex. Both in acting as lubrication and in increasing sexual desire and relaxation during the act itself, CBD lube excels at making everything better.

For the best CBD lube to help encourage amazing sex, you should turn once again to Hemp Bombs. While we have already recommended them for their excellent relaxation properties, this essential product’s critical thing is its longevity.

This mix’s formula makes it so that it lasts an incredibly long time, ensuring that you will get used out of it for hours at a time. There are other options out there for different uses, as well as a few out there that are water-based for those using condoms, but Hemp Bombs is definitely the best when it comes to pleasure.

Best CBD Lube Based on Ingredients: Kush Queen Water-Based Lube

Kush Queen offers up an excellent water-based CBD lubricant that is excellent for those looking for more condom friendly options.

Additionally, Kush Queen utilizes nanotechnology CBD, which produces faster and more long-lasting results from the CBD content. The particles of CBD are made extra small so that they can be more easily assimilated into the bloodstream.

Furthermore, this lubricant is just an excellent option regardless, with plenty of really beautiful terpenes and additives that give it a supple and luxurious feel and aroma.

Final Thoughts on the Best CBD Lube

The critical thing about looking for a new CBD lube brand is that you need to be sure that what you are getting is suitable for your needs.

Do you want a CBD lube suited for relaxation and sex? Or are you just looking as strong a CBD efficacy as possible? Keep an eye on websites like WayofLeaf to find out even more information about different brands available, but above all, look for what you personally want.

Even better, try to only shop at brands that provide a lab report, so that the CBD lube contains as much CBD as they claim it does.

After all, it never hurts to be sure, right?

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