What Car Guys Need To Know About CBD And How To Safely Consume It

CBD is the new big thing in health. It’s thrown into everything these days.

You see it in coffee, you see it as a “boost” in smoothie shops. It’s the be-all, end-all health craze. But there are still a lot of questions about CBD that haven’t been answered. This is especially true when it comes to the driving community. If we’re on a long haul, how do we know that CDB won’t impede on performance? Is there any kind of effect on cognitive ability? Will one test positive on a drug test, thus compromising their position? It’s a bit of an odd thing when everyone can parrot the things they hear on podcasts and use it as part of their business model. There’s some bad information out there. So what are the true concerns? Is there anything we need to worry about? Here we’ll explore all the relevant information about CBD and the car/driving community. Hopefully, this can clear the air a bit.

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Where Can You Get CBD?

You can get CBD just about anywhere now in North America. Whether you go south of the border or north, you’re going to find legit CBD. But what about quality? Getting CBD products from any reputable smoke shop is still the best idea. These shops were first adopters and continue to stay updated throughout the legal business process. It’s when you get to the fancy glitz and marketing of these downtown hipster spots where you need to be careful. Oftentimes, they’re trying to get the upsell on a different product. Home-baked CBD cookies? CBD-infused pressed juices? That’s all part of the upsell. More likely than not, the quality of the product used isn’t great. Why? Well, to maximize profits. It’s a tale as old as the sales pitch of any so-called “miracle” product.

What’s CBD For?

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In case you haven’t caught on, CBD is not a miracle serum. It’s not the ultimate treatment for everything that ails you. What cannabidiol can do is lower inflammation in your body. Systemic inflammation is a blanket statement for healing processes that may or may not be overtly apparent. If you’re sick, you’re experiencing an inflammatory process. If you have a hard workout and feel your sore muscles, you’re experiencing an inflammatory process. Inflammation is how the human body heals. It indicates that there is something that needs to be healed. Sometimes, that process can go too far. Just look at psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis. These are inflammation processes gone wrong. In this space, CBD has been shown to lower inflammation gone awry. The kicker is, we don’t know if other internal processes have also gone awry. CBD covers these bases. It’s like an insurance policy for your health. 

Drug Tests 

CBD does not show up on a drug test. You don’t have to worry about that if you’re a professional driver. It’s not going to bar you from any kind of race. It’s not going to affect your performance in casual driving either. Now, if you’re particularly sensitive to it, you may feel an effect while on the road. It’s not in any way an impaired state. It’s a relaxed state. That’s a big reason why people take CBD to relax their tense muscles after a particularly stressful time. So if you’re in a situation where you need to be tense and alert–like in a competition, you might want to lay off the CBD until after. Now, if you take it the night before so you can get a good night’s sleep, that’s different. That has no negative effect on performance at all. 

CBD with THC

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When you buy CBD, you have to read the label. There are plenty of products out there that contain both CBD and THC. CBD by itself is the isolated anti-inflammatory component. But THC is what gives the psychotropic effects cannabis is famous for. Knowing this, it’s a great idea to either ask a sales representative or do a little more research before buying a product. If you desire these effects, then you can play within concentrations and ratios of CBD to THC until you get the one you’re looking for. THC is, after all, a potent anti-inflammatory and, in vitro, anti-cancer addition to the mix. But it does get you high. That’s the best part about it. But if you’re a down-home car guy and don’t believe in that, you can get products that clearly state that there is no THC. That’s not a problem if you simply ask.

How To Consume

There are a ton of ways to consume CBD. Most of us car guys are not into the hype of these new products. We want things straight forward. If this is you, you can stick to the two classic ways of consuming CBD: oil drops and Flower. Oil drops are the most widely used means. Flowers are a bit different. It’s smoking marijuana. The kicker is that there is no THC in marijuana. It looks like it. It’s crystally like it. It even smells like it. But when you smoke it, you get all the relaxation and anti-inflammatory properties without the high. Again, like anything, be sure to know what you’re smoking. You don’t want to accidentally smoke a full THC blunt unplanned. It would be fun, sure. But if it wasn’t on the agenda, say goodbye to the rest of the agenda. 

CBD Safety 

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CBD is safe. It can be given to dogs, the elderly, adults, and even kids. There are studies going on right now with CBD and kids with various learning difficulties or spectrum conditions. There is promise in the research, too. So it goes without saying that you don’t have to worry about it “getting into the wrong hands”. It’s relatively harmless.

All in all, CBD is a great product if it comes from a reliable source. It can aid in workout recovery, anxiety, and overall nerves. It’s a wonderful addition to any daily routine. Even if you’re a car guy with a no-nonsense approach to life, you can benefit greatly from it. Just read the labels and do some research. You should be fine.

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