Watch Terrie M. Williams, MSW on WE tv’s “SWV Reunited” (video)

Terrie-M-WilliamsTune in to see mental health activist and communications maven Terrie M. Williams, MSW on WE tv’s “SWV Reunited” as she shares life lessons with Coko, Lelee and Taj of the Grammy nominated R&B group SWV–at 10:ooPM (EST) on Thursday, January 30, 2014.

Terrie continues to be a woman on fire–and a voice for so many going through heartbreak, life challenges and deep rooted issues. Terrie asserts, “We are nothing without our emotional and mental health. The only way to heal is to feel our pain and share our stories in talk therapy–and with each other, so the process can begin.”

Watch Coko, Lelee and Taj unleash parts of their lives like you’ve never seen before. We should understand the power of taking off a layer of the mask of our pain. Sharing our stories–like SWV did–gives the opportunity to be heard and lets others know that they are not alone.  Terrie continues, “Every day, so many of us wear the “mask” of wellness that seemingly hides our pain from the world. Now is the time to identify and name our pain-minus the myths and the stigma-and seek the help so many of us need.”

After surviving a debilitating bout of depression, Terrie shared her struggle to regain her health in ESSENCE magazine and the feedback was staggering. It led her to pen the critically acclaimed Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We’re Not Hurting.

Terrie has a B.A. (cum laude) in Psychology and Sociology from Brandeis University, a Master of Science in Social Work from Columbia University, is a licensed clinical therapist and has received numerous awards for her mental health advocacy work.



SWV Reunited-Episode 3
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