Want To Start A Personal Injury Law Firm? Here’s How

Creating a new law firm can be both exciting and challenging. It may be that a person has just passed their State Bar exam. Alternatively, they may have left their current firm to go solo, or to create a new partnership. There is no doubt that this can be a complex process, and the market is highly competitive.

There are a number of key things a person will need to consider before venturing out. Fortunately, there are a lot of resources available online. This article has been created to help people step into their future success as a personal injury lawyer. 

Create A Company Website

These days any business is expected to have an online presence. In return for providing helpful free information, a lawyer’s website can help attract new business. The lawyers at https://www.noogalaw.com say the public is looking for compassionate attorneys who can become their legal advocate should they become injured through another’s negligence. People want to see photos and information about the lawyers, and to read the testimonials of previous clients. Folk will also want to see any legal accreditation the staff have received.

Think Finance

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Any new business requires a healthy injection of start-up capital. If an attorney does not have this, they may seek a business loan or help from others joining them in the partnership. 

Many office procedures will need to be established, including those for billing and accounts. Establishing clear and transparent procedures for legal billing is essential for any law office, as it ensures that the funds from future clients are handled properly and ethically. The funds from future customers will need to be put into a trust account. Additionally, a lawyer will need to open a business account for their day to day expenses. Hopefully, a line of credit will be provided by the bank for this account. 

Lawyers need to be transparent over their pricing structures. They frequently offer free initial consultations and may feature a ‘no win no fee’ policy too. 

Consider Your Niche

The more specialized you are, the easier it will be for you to become experienced in the medical terminology and specific legislation. An attorney may choose to represent victims of work injuries or slip and fall accidents.

Alternatively, they may want to help those involved in car or truck incidents or victims of medical malpractice or negligence.

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File Your Documentation And Become Licensed

The documentation required will vary depending on whether you aspire to be a sole practitioner or part of a business partnership.

Obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS. You will need to gain access into the local federal courts and to become licensed for your specific state. Contact with your State Bar will also be required at this stage. 

Acquire New Colleagues

Partnerships should have a pool of highly qualified and experienced staff. Anyone who has a good track record of winning compensation cases will be a good choice. This is because it’s impossible to succeed unless you are good with clients, can speak well in court, and can be assertive with the insurance companies.

A person would also have to be efficient with collating documents and creating legal cases, and to possess good interview and negotiation skills.  

Set Up Your Work Premises

As with any new office, you will need to think about room space, storage, and furniture. There are also electrical considerations such as power, computers, and telephones. It will be necessary to think about everything from water to washrooms, from stationery to business cards. 

Whilst some lawyers prefer to work from home, being located centrally can be highly beneficial for businesses. Ideally, an office should be close to motorways, or bus and train routes. If the office is near the local courthouse, this will prove highly convenient too. 

Network With Other Professionals And Take Out Insurance 

In the construction industry, electricians refer work to plumbers and vice versa. If you specify in one aspect of the law, refer other cases to specific lawyers in your area. Hopefully, they will send business your way in return.

Discuss your new business venture with your insurance agent. Such key things as property, malpractice and liability insurance will need to be considered.

There will be lots to do and think about in the months ahead, but in time things should all come together. When the premises, staff and procedures are all in place, the stage will be set. With the help of marketing and advertising, new customers should come your way. People will be legally supported, and justice will be served in the form of compensation payouts. In return for your quality services, a consistent income should be generated.

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