Want To Protect Yourself From Evil Eye? Here’s How

An evil eye is a curse that is bestowed upon an unaware person through a malevolent glare. This is not to be confused with the eye amulet, which is known to counter the effect of the curse or to protect the bearer from it. Over the recent couple of years, the eye amulet has even been used as a fashion accessory. Nevertheless, if you want to protect yourself from the evil eye, below are some of the ways that you can do so.

Believe in the Power of an Amulet

One of the ways to protect yourself from the evil eye is by believing in the power of an amulet that you can keep close to you. In the olden days, the Romans used pendants marked with flying phalluses, while the Greeks placed Gorgon sculptures on their doorways. In this modern-day and age, you can wear amulets in the form of jewelry, but be careful not to break it. I remember when my evil eye bracelet broke, I instantly felt relieved because this simply meant that it was effective in absorbing the negative energy around me that otherwise, I would have absorbed. Because of this, I got another one that I kept close to me to ensure that I am protected from negativity.


Use Mirrors

Another way to protect yourself from the evil eye is by practicing with mirrors. Mirrors have reflective surfaces that tend to redirect the negative energy to its source. As a result, you will be shielded from receiving this energy. In this case, wear reflective charms as accessories to keep these mirrors close to you at all times.

Memorize Charms

There is also the option for you to memorize charms to protect yourself from the curse of the evil eye. You may be surprised to find that some of these charms can be easily recalled because they rhyme or have a solid rhythm. For instance, you can explore an Irish collection of incantations from the Carmina Gadelica. You will notice the repetition of the pronoun “I” in this chant, signifying the power that you have over any negativity.

Get Grounded

Finally, there are instances wherein you simply need to get grounded, relax, and rejuvenate. In doing so, you will be able to take yourself away from negativity and build on recharging your positive energies. In this case, go ahead and travel or engage in some form of exercise, or even meditation. You can also create a more invigorating space by lighting up scented candles or taking a long warm bubble bath. Getting back to the basics is also a great way to get yourself grounded in a safe place where you can simply heal and shield yourself from any negative energy.

To wrap things up, you can protect yourself from the evil eye by keeping an amulet close to you. You can also practice with mirrors or memorize charms. But perhaps the most important thing is for you to get grounded. All these are geared towards ensuring that the effects of the evil eye curse will simply bounce off you, letting you live a fabulous and worry-free life.

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