Top Useful Tips On How To Increase Your Productivity And Work Effectiveness

As an employee, you are expected to deliver the tasks assigned to you on or before they are due. In parallel to this, you are also expected to produce an output with high quality and accuracy. If you are thinking of ways to be able to increase your productivity and work effectiveness, then read on because below are some of the most useful tips that can help you.

Create a conducive working environment.

One of the primary things that you can do to increase your productivity and work effectiveness is to create a conducive working environment. In this case, you can even explore the use of a coworking space if you have the chance to work remotely. The reason behind this is that these workspaces are specifically designed to cater to your needs when it comes to delivering the tasks you are expected to. Apart from a high-speed and reliable internet connection, as well as ergonomically designed workstations, some of these spaces even feature a pantry for your much-needed breaks.

On the other hand, if you need to report to the office for work or you need to stay home for some reason, then make sure that your workstation is ergonomically designed. This means that you need to get a chair that will support your back or you can even venture into the use of a standing desk that will encourage you to move. When you are more comfortable with your position and work area, there is a great chance for you to be able to focus on the things that you need to do rather than on figuring out ways to relieve your discomfort.

Rethink your priorities.

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Another thing that you can do to increase your productivity and work effectiveness is to rethink your priorities. In this case, it will help if you prepare a to-do list the night before for you to already have an idea of what the next day will look like. When you do, you will be able to assess which tasks need to be prioritized as well as which tasks can be moved to the next day or the end of the day.

Set small goals.

It is also a good idea to set small goals each day that you will be able to achieve. As soon as you achieve the goals that you have set, you will have more drive and motivation to do the work you need to still finish. Thus, rather than being frustrated with bigger goals that prove to be more technically challenging to accomplish, you are in a better position to be more productive because of your drive and motivation.

Track the time you spend on each task.

To increase your work productivity and effectiveness, you can also try to track the time that you spend on each task. In this case, you will be able to plan your schedule appropriately, gauging if you will still be able to deliver an output by the end of the day in case you encounter unavoidable interruptions. Monitoring the hours you spend on your tasks will also allow you to allot certain padding of time when you plan your next-day schedule to accommodate any unforeseen interruptions.

To be able to track your time in the tasks you have to complete, you have the option of doing it manually, listing down your beginning and end times whenever you work on a certain task. Nevertheless, you can always leverage technology because there are already several apps available for this purpose. When you use time-tracking apps, then you will cut down even the time you have to spend to track your hours.

Set a self-imposed deadline.

More often than not, people steer clear from anything that can cause them undue stress. While this is a good practice, sometimes, a bit of stress and pressure can help you increase your work productivity and effectiveness. For instance, try setting a self-imposed deadline which is quite helpful in keeping you focused on what projects you need to accomplish within a certain time frame.

When you deem that setting a self-imposed deadline is effective for you, then stick to the deadlines that you have set for yourself and treat the result as a reward that you can look forward to. For instance, you can try and finish all the things that you need to do by Thursday so that when Friday comes, you will already begin to feel the weekend vibe. Apart from being able to extend the time for you to rest, you will also get to complete your tasks ahead of time.

Give yourself regular breaks.

It is also important for you to give yourself regular breaks if you want to increase your productivity and effectiveness at work. Without a proper break, instead of being able to deliver what you need to finish, you may end up being fatigued, or worse, even have to go through burnout. When you do, it can prove to be difficult to bring back the drive you once had for your work.

For this reason, you should take a break regularly. When you do, you will be able to refresh your mind, allowing you to get back to your work with full concentration, thereby enhancing your effectiveness, leading to being more productive. This proves to be particularly beneficial when you are trying to complete several long tasks. The short breaks you take will allow you to maintain a certain level of performance necessary for you to be able to deliver not only a complete task but a high-quality one as well.

Familiarize yourself with the 2-minute rule.

Not everybody knows what the 2-minute rule is and if you also have no idea, this is the perfect time for you to get yourself familiar with it. The 2-minute rule was conceptualized by entrepreneur Steve Olenski, which simply entails making the most out of the small windows that you have to render work. In a gist, the rule states that if you deem that a task can be done within two minutes or less, then make sure to do it immediately. In that way, this task will be out of the way.

The concept behind this rule is that it is often easier and faster to get a small task done immediately than having to get back to it after you have exhausted all your efforts in trying to accomplish the big ones that you need to focus on. Because of this rule, Steve Olenski became one of the most revered online content strategists. For a good reason though, because several people found this effective, even in increasing their productivity in the workplace.

Try minimizing interruptions.

If you can, try minimizing interruptions to the best of your abilities because this is another way to help you become more productive and effective at work. In case you are working from home, make sure that your workstation is far from the television, your household chores, or anything that will be able to distract you from working effectively. If you have a home office, make sure to keep the doors closed to allow you to focus and concentrate on what you are doing.

Plan your meetings.

It is also a good idea for you to plan your meetings. While meetings are essential for people in your work to collaborate and share ideas and updates, they can also be a form of interruption, limiting you to finish all the tasks that you need to do. When you do plan your meetings, you will also have a good idea of the other things that are possible for you to accomplish during the day. For instance, if you have a deadline coming up at the end of the week, then it is a good idea to have a meeting early in the week for you to be able to spend the rest of the week focusing on the task that you need to do without disruptions.

Avoid multitasking.

As much as possible, try to avoid multitasking because contrary to popular belief that it makes you productive, the reality is that the results are often otherwise. When you fail to concentrate on a certain task because your attention is divided into several tasks at once, then there is a great chance that you deliver an output that is less than what you could have accomplished if you were able to put your hundred percent into it. More often than not, since the output is half-baked, you may need to do it again, leading to lost time and wasted effort.

Rather than multitasking, concentrate on one item in your to-do list and finish it before proceeding to another one on it. When you complete your tasks sequentially, you will find that eventually, the items in your to-do list for the day are ticked off and completed. The great part is that since you were able to concentrate on each one, the possibility of doing it again will be reduced, or even eliminated.

Learn the art of delegating.

You should also learn the art of delegating if you want to be more efficient and effective with the way that you work. If you have a team composed of experts in certain fields, then it will prove to be more beneficial to delegate tasks that are according to their expertise. In this way, nobody in your team will have to spend a significant amount of time trying to figure out what to do because they already know by heart what needs to be done.

Strive to be proactive.

If you want to increase your productivity and effectiveness at work, you have to strive to be proactive rather than reactive. For instance, if you allow phone calls and emails to dictate how your day will go, then you are being reactive, doing a great job in putting out fires. While this is a good trait, you may find at the end of the day that not all the needs to be done are accomplished.

A better solution for this is being proactive, putting out the fire even before it starts. For instance, what you can do is to set aside time to answer phone calls and emails, but you don’t have to necessarily dedicate your whole day to doing so. In this case, not only will you be able to address the issues that arise from these calls and emails, but you will also have the time to do the things you have scheduled for the day.

Be conscious of what you eat.

Being productive and increasing your effectiveness at work also entails the need for you to be more conscious of what you eat. When you frequently opt for unhealthy and processed foods, you may notice that you easily run out of energy, particularly when your day is long. On the other hand, when you have the habit of eating healthy and going for whole foods, you may be surprised to find that even at the end of a long day, you still have the energy to bond and spend time with your family.

This is the reason why you also need to be more selective of the food that you eat if you want to be productive. Other than the food that you eat though, you also need to get enough rest and take care of your overall well-being. This will allow you to maximize your capabilities and be more productive at work.

To increase your productivity and work effectiveness, you need to create a conducive work environment. You should also rethink your priorities, set small goals, track the time you spend on each of your tasks, give yourself regular breaks, and implement the 2-minute rule. It is also a good idea if you will be able to minimize interruptions and plan your meetings accordingly.

As much as possible, try to avoid multitasking, learn the art of delegating, and try to be proactive. Most importantly, be conscious of what you eat, get enough rest, and take care of your overall well-being. All these are geared towards ensuring that you become more productive and effective at work.

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