Top 5 Best Sites To Buy High Retention YouTube Views

Nowadays each entrepreneur who wants to grow on YouTube in a fast and effective way is considering paying for views for this network to get a higher retention rate.

This measure is often needed when bloggers try to embrace a niche that is already very popular. Acquired views are assisting to break in the radius of users’ attention and begin gaining organic stats.

Of course, the topic of purchased statistics is controversial because officially the platform doesn’t allow its usage.

Therefore, when you are planning to get a boost for your channel on YouTube, you have to understand that you need to select the most trustworthy and beneficial site for completing your goals. YouTube easily detects primitive bot farms, so you must aim for services that offer organic flow and various stats quantities for purchase. Here are gathered five established sites that provide high-quality services for consumers.

This is probably the best option for users who want to get high-quality customer service in minutes and buy real high retention YouTube views. The platform proposes boosts for other important stats on YouTube as well. Also, on VideosGrow you can find helpful information for your development on YouTube. For much delight, besides basic packages this site has an option for individual purchases, ensuring that you receive organic results, which wouldn’t alert the algorithms of YouTube.

A pleasant addition for all the information above is moderate prices, hence even beginners can use the service for growth. The order delivery usually takes around 24 hours, also to create a natural flow.

The system of ordering is simple:

  • Choose a convenient package
  • Fill in the URL for your channel or a particular video
  • Choose a payment option that is suitable for you
  • Get your order!

Tip: The service also offers a test drive – get free YouTube views and see how the service works for you!

This platform provides specific packages that are decent for maintaining your channel. This service delivers a purchase fast – in 24 hours gaining begins, and usually, a full amount is delivered within two days. The bigger amount of views you order, the longer the procedure of delivery will be – up to eight days for 5000 views. This way the service ensures that the growth on your channel is natural, and YouTube systems won’t be alerted by the sudden activity on your account. This is called a slow-drip method and is used by many businesses and entrepreneurs.

This service requires higher budgets, but offers a good variety of options, especially for businesses. Moreover regular YouTube views, you can acquire views specifically for YouTube AdWords, improving your promotion results. Additional features are presented – for gaining live stream views, likes, etc.

The speed of getting the order is convenient for most businesses and nonprofits. QQTube also provides SMM tools that can help you to generate a better strategy using the knowledge you gather with their help. Don’t forget to read a few useful articles from their blog to collect effective insights for your growth on YouTube.

PS: on QQTube you can get free views as a promo from the service.

This service is great for beginners because it provides cheap views in small amounts that would fit for a new blog. The packages start the range from 25 views, and these would cost only 0.48. Even such a small number will be provided in a slow-drip method, so you can keep calm about the safety of your deal. On Your Cheap Views, you have:

  • Many options for payment
  • No-password system
  • Customer support 24/7
  • 120 days refund and refill policy

Such conditions give you enough time to adjust and understand the frequency and amounts of your further purchases. Also, with online customer support around the clock, you can perfectly use the service all across the globe, despite local time.

This service provides real views that are delivered in natural terms. Delivery begins instantly after you complete the deal, but the overall term of delivery varies for different amounts. For example, 20000 views will take up to 12 days to finalize the order. Smaller applications will be complete in a day or two. This site is also a good choice for beginners, as the price range is very moderate: the lowest quantity of views to buy is 500, and such a package costs $4.49. Hence, a quick boost is quite affordable for newcomers, who want to test out their potential in a certain niche.

Why Would I Want To Buy Views Anyway?

The need for buying stats on YouTube is an ongoing discussion because the official position of the platform prohibits it, yet the competition in most niches is too high to be beaten without any boost. The main concern for users and brands who want to jumpstart their channels on YouTube is finding a service that provides real views and likes. The bot farms are not effective at all and such promotion is detected not only by algorithms of YouTube but by users too.

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When you decide to use paid services, you must understand why you are performing it. If you think that buying views is what’s gonna bring you profit and fame, you are wrong. The only right path to invest money into boosts is to contribute a trampoline that would make your content visible among other bloggers who embrace the same niche. The goal you have to complete is to discover yourself to the public and get them an option for deciding if your videos are worth their time. And for that, you expect an effective and powerful strategy. Here are the main tips for your tactics that would help you to use your purchased views for good:

Examine YouTube SEO Closely

Whether you are purchasing stats or not, SEO matters a lot. YouTube is a huge search engine, and it operates keywords as the main tool for categorizing and organizing content for users. So you are highly interested to find out what keywords are the most relevant for your subject and put them to your video titles, captions, definitions, and other info you have to write. This is the least you can do to enhance your video expansion.

Make Attractive Thumbnails

This tiny image is representing your content to the audience. It is the first thing a user sees as they open the YouTube interface. The key to nailing the thumbnails is not too complex:

  • Aim for minimalistic designs
  • Add bright accents that explain what your video is about and support your Brand
  • Add small texts
  • Always use customized thumbnails

Communication Is Your Weapon

YouTube is a social network and users want to interact with creators and each other. Of course, the prominent instrument for communication on YouTube is the comment section. But creators have to encourage the discussion themselves and they can do that directly in their videos. Use all possible ways to reach out to your audience.

Pro tip: when you decide to improve the number of views on your channel radically with paid services, make certain that you get a relevant amount of comments too – the difference between views and comments number is an easy method to detect boosts.

Quality Before Quantity

The ultimate king of promotion is high-quality content. Once you make yourself noticed by the public, you will grow faster, but you must concentrate on maintaining the quality rate of your videos. Unfortunately, purchased stars cannot save boring or poorly created content.

Only top-notch content can win the love of modern audiences who are very demanding due to the level of competition in practically every niche.

Add Personality to Your Content

YouTube is a place where people want to see other people’s experiences. Besides, such an approach is better for the matter of communication with your audience. As you add up some personal flair, people can form a bond with you and give you their appreciation as your content and attitude resonates with them. Simply being yourself and showing what you truly like is the healthiest course for growth on YouTube. Paid services are providing recognition, and as new viewers discover you, you can create a strong community around your content.

Create Series of Content

A certain way to multiply your view rate is to make a series. This method helps to secure a steady flow of viewership on your channel. Set a date and release new pieces of content, uniting them into playlists for further engagement and growth. Establish a regular date for each new episode, and divide additional links for your other content with end screens and cards, so your viewers may be interested in discovering more of your materials.


In this article are gathered top 5 sites to buy high retention YouTube views. These services can guarantee you the result if you imply these in your arsenal wisely.

Don’t try to reach the top in one step, buying many views immediately. The platform will recognize the cheat and block you, annihilating your progress. Sites from the list above can provide you organic but more steady growth, ensuring you will only gain influence, and not lose it.

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