Top 5 Best CBD Gummies And Other Edibles 2020

The CBD edible market is continuously growing as an increasing number of people are looking for fun and convenient ways to enjoy CBD.

While more traditional CBD forms, such as tinctures and topicals, can be extremely potent, they are not always the most exciting of options. CBD edibles, on the other hand, pack a range of delicious flavors turning CBD into something that you actively look forward to each day.

Thanks to creative brands such as Premium Jane and CBDfx, it is possible to discreetly work a tasty CBD treat into almost any part of your day. From a rich cup of CBD-infused coffee in the morning to a CBD cookie in the afternoon to raise your spirits, every meal can include a healthy CBD burst.

So, where can you find the best CBD edibles and CBD gummies in 2020? Let’s find out?

1. Premium Jane – Best CBD Isolate Gummies

Premium Jane is an excellent option when looking to buy CBD gummies thanks to its organic CBD isolate formula. Made using 100% pure CBD isolate, Premium Jane’s gummies provide you with a powerful 25mg of CBD for consistent and reliable effects.

Living up to the name, Premium Jane’s CBD gummies offer a premium experience complete with fun, fruity flavors, and a delicious sugar coating. To ensure that every gummy contains high-quality CBD isolate, Premium Jane uses third-party laboratory testing so that you can enjoy each gummy with confidence.

Premium Jane uses a combination of natural flavorings and colorings, giving each gummy a bright and vibrant appearance with a flavor profile to match. Ingredients such as organic pumpkin, blackcurrant, and concentrated apple also enhance the mineral and vitamin content of Premium Jane gummies.

Premium Jane’s CBD gummies offer a discreet way to enjoy CBD no matter the situation, while also containing pure CBD isolate and a delicious flavor profile.

2. PureKana – Best Vegan Gummies

PureKana offers high quality, delicious gummies with a plant-based, vegan-friendly recipe, making them one of the best edible options for those who follow a vegan diet.

Each sweet, sugar-coated gummy contains 25mg of high potency CBD that has been sourced from organic, sustainable farms across the USA. Using an all-natural recipe to craft their gummies PureKana provides a healthy treat that you can enjoy all day long.

PureKana uses healthy organic ingredients such as turmeric, black carrot juice concentrate, and annatto to enhance the potential health benefits that are packed into gummy.

3. EVO Coffee – Best Barista-Style Coffee

With EVO Coffee’s filter CBD blend, you can now enjoy barista-style coffee from your very home. Each 200mg bag of rich filter coffee contains 200mg of full-spectrum CBD, helping you to start your day off on a positive note with a steaming mug of delicious healthy coffee.

EVO Coffee uses rich beans that are sourced from Tanzania to create a gourmet coffee experience with each cup. Ready to use ground beans help to save you valuable time each morning while still allowing you to experience a deep and complex coffee flavor profile.

By using full-spectrum CBD, EVO Coffee can guarantee that each cup of coffee contains a rich range of terpenes and cannabinoids that work together to promote wellness and inner balance.

4. The Brothers Apothecary – Best CBD-Infused Tea

The Brothers Apothecary has one of the most extensive CBD-infused tea ranges on the market, offering herbal and fruity blends with a hint of CBD.

All of The Brothers Apothecary’s teas are made using 100% natural ingredients, perfectly combining different herbs and spices to create over ten different blends. Tea blends include pumpkin spice chai, Buddha’s berry, and cosmic cleanse. Each tea bag contains between 50 – 60mg of rich organic CBD, infusing your cup with extra health benefits.

Using a vegan-friendly formula across the entire range of teas, The Brothers Apothecary works to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy these products as possible and that everyone can enjoy a calming mug of tea to help them unwind.

5. CBDfx – Best CBD Cookies

CBDfx is known for offering one of the most comprehensive and most varied ranges of CBD products, making it a great place to start when shopping for CBD edibles. CBDfx’s cookie selection, including the oatmeal raisin and peanut butter cookies, offer a new and innovative way to enjoy CBD and a sweet treat rolled into one.

Designed to act as a protein boost and a healthy CBD dose, each cookie contains 13 grams of protein and 20mg of broad-spectrum, hemp-based cannabidiol. Each cookie is also packed with a range of vitamins as a result of CBDfx’s enriched wheat flour and natural flavorings.

All of CBDfx’s cookies are made using a vegan-friendly recipe that is also guaranteed to be soy and GMO-free. With CBDfx cookies, you can now enjoy a healthy sweet snack that also provides your body with a CBD burst.

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