Tips To Make Engaging Explainer Videos

March 12, 2021

Short videos that explain your product or services are important these days. While you could opt for text, videos are the ideal choice because they are easy to consume compared to a long winding text.

So, how do you create engaging explainer videos that familiarize your potential customers with the business itself? The video experts at Spiel firmly believe that your explainer videos must nail the point home. Therefore, in this article, we will suggest five tips to ensure you make your explainer videos as engaging as possible.

1) Define Goals and Objectives

An explainer video is a form of content marketing. Therefore, the brand must have a clear objective for the content being created. The explainer videos must be a strategy to ensure it drives profitable customer actions concerning the product explained, be it sign-ups or purchases.

Different brands will have different objectives, so before you take up a client’s project, ensure you are asking the right questions. Your questions should help get a clear idea of the objective of the explainer video and how you could go about producing the same.

Some questions may include whether the product or service may require a live demonstration or graphic will be enough. Graphics, be it motion, animated, or screenshots, will often do a great job. Also, know the client’s budget and explain what the budget will achieve with the explainer videos and what the brand should expect – don’t overpromise and fail to deliver.

2) Pay Attention to the Script

Now that you know the client’s objective for the explainer video, next is to pay attention to the script and the target audience for the explainer video. The aim should be to make an engaging explainer video that garners enough views and social shares online.

So, check the script and see if it will meet the ingredients of producing an attention-grabbing video. An ideal scrip should cover a few nuances concerning the product, including:

  • A sentence about what the product or service is all about.
  • The target audience should be clearly mentioned in the script.
  • What problem is the product or service offered solving for the target audience and what advantages of the product or services should be emphasized.
  • What mood or tone does the script portray, and the clients’ view of the particular mood the video should portray.

This information is crucial if you are to make an engaging explainer video for your clients that will leave them satisfied with your video’s production work.

3) Videos should be Short

A rule of thumb when making videos these days is to keep it short. Viewers have a short attention span and nobody wants to watch long videos. It’s not a documentary but an explainer videos, please keep it short.

However, while you ensure the video is short, ensure the introduction, the first few seconds grab the viewers’ attention and force them to watch the rest of the video. Shorts videos have proven to get wide social shares, and if the video, while it’s an explainer video, if entertaining, can go viral.

Most of the time, content that goes viral is in the form of video. It gets shared on social media platforms, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and the rest, including even forums like Reddit. Videos give your brand a voice, and if the message resonates with your audience and does not just focus on brand promotion, it gets lots of social shares.

This works to the brand’s advantage as they get to reach a wide mass market when users share the explainer video online. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you cut the fluff in the script, and cut to the chase when making the explainer video. Also, while making the video short, the voice over should not pack a lot of information in a single video by reading/talking faster. The industry standard is 150 words per minutes.

4) Keep it simple

The explainer videos should be so simple such that a three-year-old can grasp what the video is all about. Good explainer videos focus on the problem and how the product or service solves it. Also, how the solution works, and a call to action to the consumer to decide.

An explainer video is not a product description, droning on technical aspects of the product or service is not going to make the explainer videos simple. Explainer video makers have the difficult task to ensure the video will teach the target audience what the product/service is and does in a creative way, without lengthy explanations. The consumer is interested in the problem and the solution not an explanation of the features, but of the benefits.

Better understanding of the solution equals more sales. For instance, if you are creating an explainer video about software, telling consumers about the code behind the software is not a benefit. Rather you should explain to the consumer how the software solves their problem and makes their lives better. After all, not everyone is tech-savvy and familiar with code.

5) Publish When it Counts

Once you have produced a great explainer video, the crucial step is to ensure it reaches the target consumer/ audience. You can embed the video on the company’s homepage or create a special landing page with the video. Also, another place to get an audience is social media, the videos can be integrated into the company’s social media strategy, from Instagram, YouTube, twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and even forums like Reddit.

Promote the videos to reach a wide audience. Remember better understanding equals more sales, and if people get to watch the videos and understand the product, you will be generating a lot of leads for the brand in question.

Wrap Up

So, when making explainer videos, ensure you understand the script and the objective of the message plus the target audience before jumping on the production process.

Ensure the explainer videos packs relevant messages by cutting off the fluff and getting straight to the problem, solution, and benefit of the product or services. The recommended speed for voiceovers is 150 words per minute and the video should be short, ideally three to five minutes long.

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